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  • Hey. Looooooooooooong time no talk. I'm tryin' to get active here again so VMing some of my old friends.

    How have ya been lately?
    It's Ok. That's how school can be :p

    Actually, no I don't. I had a DSi but my brother stole it then pawned it... :( So I'm unable to help D: I can recommend you to someone if you want though..?

    Grrr.. I haven't Brawled in forever, I actually don't know where the game is... D: But remember what we used to PM each other about? Our "interests"? Would it be 'K if we revisited that again? I've got a few questions I've been meaning to ask you :p
    Pichu was one of my favs. Can't believe it was taken out D: I can, however, understand Mewtwo. I hated Mewtwo. I'm glad he's gone :p

    Aaaaaah ok! I'll do that in a minute!! Thx bunches!
    Ice Climbers was, and still is, my best on Melee. I was also a fan of Pichu ^_^

    Actually, I have about 86% complete. I beat the great maze. Idk what else to do.... :L

    How do you edit your random levels?
    That was pretty whoop *** on your part. I guess I say that mostly 'cause I fail with 'em both but dayum! II've never been whooped that bad!

    I mostly used Lucario in SSE but I still haven't completed the whole thing. (IDK HOW :L)

    But yeah, I was determined to win. And as you can tell, I failed on Jungle Japes ;D
    Ok... WTF!? How the hell did you whoop me so bad?! >_> Lol That was horrible :p You're beast with Yoshi and Toon Link :p
    Oh man... Look up Beast And The Harlot by Avenged Sevenfold, Right Side Of The Bed by Atreyu, This War Is Ours by Escape The Fate, Scream, Aim, Fire by Bullet For My Valentine, and Lunatic by Static-X.

    I'm play Brawl again. Wanna join?
    Ye I prefer Wolf over Falco. I like 'em both but Wolf is better IMO. He just looks cooler while having slightly better moves. ;D

    Well I have a few odd ones one my computer 'cause I'm... well.. odd!! :p I have things like 'Kyles mom is a ***** from Southpark, Nyan Cat, Caramelldansen all on my Ipod ^_^ Wanna know what's ironic? My name's Kyle ;)

    But I mostley (SP?) listen to Atreyu, Escape The Fate, Bullet For My Valentine, Static-X, Avenged Sevenfold, etc. I do, however, have a couple Pokemon remixes on my Ipod (B&W E4, G/S/C Rival Battle, and S/E/R E4 all are heavy metal) which are all great ;D
    I used to hate FD. I'm so laggy on it. :L But now it's one of my favs ;D So is Falco ^_^

    Heh, I have like 3000+ songs on my computer. About 99% are Rock/Heavy Metal. I have to listen to it ^_^
    Lol. I go for...Uhhh.., Final Destination I think it is? Nothing to mess me up :p I don't listen to the games music. I have my Ipod ;)

    I'm great with Ike. Might be 'cause he's a powerhouse (except he's horribly slow) :L I'm also a BIG fan of Wolf & Lucario. Wolf is prob my second favorite.

    Watching you with PT makes me chuckle but I'm the same with Jigglypuff and Captain Falcon xD
    Ha. That one on MK (the last second one) was extremely lucky. I spammed jump xD Didn't work :L Lol. I'm pro with Ike (if you couldn't tell ;D)

    I hate lagg soo much... It always makes me fail... Lol :p
    I'm pretty good with Lucario, Ike, Wolf, Mario and someone else.. I forget who... Anyways! Here're mine:

    Wii: 1023-9136-7380-9556
    SSBB: 0561-7056-8916

    I'm ready whenever you are!
    Dehl honestly sounds a lot like me 8) I typically don't fight (Unless provoked)

    As for the game, it would be nice for an N.H. of 500 ^_^
    Alright! ^_^

    Well tbh, I was, and still kind of am, confused... But you said you'll explain so yeah :p

    Well I've never played Final Fantasy. I don't really know how to answer you're other question :L
    Yeah... I went through the depression phase last year... It was horrible... Almost commited suicide... :( Lol But I'mgood now!! :D Well... besides the guy who wants to fight me lol.

    Didn't think you would :p It's all good. ^_^ Several people look up to me since I Don't let it upset me :)

    :O!!! You have brawl!!!!!????? We need to play sometime!!! :D

    Sure!! At first, I Thought you were referring to our "Private discussions" but then I re-read it and understood :p So, what game is it? :)
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