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    Bravely Default: Flying Fairy / For The Sequel

    So, about recruiting villagers to rebuild Norende, is there a method of getting new ones easily? Aside from using the trick in the demo, anyways, seeing as I've already begun a file and I'd be loath to have to restart even what little progress I've made. I just ask because, well, I've few...
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    Noivern Swoobat evolution?

    Forgive my bluntness, but how in the actual hell are their tails similar? I mean, what sorts of non-official art are you looking at in which Noivern's tail ends in a heart shape, which Swoobat's does? Just 'cuz, y'know, I'm not seeing any hearts on this thing. Speaking of which, what about their...
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    Why are the rivals so nice now?

    Actually, Hugh will battle you a good six or seven times over the course of the full game. This's roughly the standard for most rivals; Blue, for example, also fought you seven times during the story, as did Cheren; Silver, meanwhile, fought you six times (five during the main game, then once...
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    Which Pokemon got the worst treatment by the writers?

    Poorly-handled pokemon, eh? Well, there've been quite a few over the years, obviously--enough that I simply cannot narrow it down to just one and be satisfied with that level of ranting. (That's you're cue to skip this post if you don't like reading long posts.) So I'm gonna do like a few others...
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    Why do so many people hate on Gen I enthusiasts?

    Mm. And I'd argue in fact that in spite of the drop in popularity during Gen 3, the games are far, far more popular nowadays than they were even during the "fad" days. You said you weren't sure about the sales figures for Black/White, correct? I'm not completely sure about them myself...
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    The "problems" with Trip

    Mm. Honestly, I never got this. I mean, I can understand the sentiment that Trip hasn't gotten oodles of character development, but to compare him unfavorably to Paul? As in, the character whose development for the first 130-odd episodes of the saga consisted of "Hey, I'm a jerk", "Hey, I'm...
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    Gotta agree with this. Of all of the main games, Black/White is probably the friendliest to beginners. For one, unlike in previous generations, it's exceedingly difficult to go wrong with picking out pokemon for your team. It'll also make sure you get to know the basic aspects of gameplay and...
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    Gym Leaders and Elite Four Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    Could be. But you have to remember the reason revisiting gyms was able to work in previous gens. This is because of the way the regions (and thus the planned routes for players) were set up. In each case, we're talking a relatively short distance even without using Fly. Kanto was pretty much a...
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    Are the games too easy? (Multiple Difficulty Options?)

    LENGTHY RANT INCOMING WOO because this is something I've wanted to get off my chest for ages now It couldn't. I believe it was found that Black/White uses up about half of the memory available in a DS cartridge. To be completely fair, though, it wouldn't surprise me if trainer data as a...
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    The Pokemon Questions Thread Again!

    They're both amazing in battle--comparable to Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza, basically. It all comes down to which you like better, say, which one you think looks better. White gets you Zekrom, while Black gets you Reshiram; as I pretty much said just above, I went with White because I think...
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    The Pokemon Questions Thread Again!

    Well, let's see... If you're looking into the Mystery Dungeon games, I'd actually suggest skipping over the Rescue Team pair. Of all of them, Explorers of the Sky is arguably the best; as the "third version" to Explorers of Time and Darkness, it has the same story with quite a bit of extra...
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    What flaws did AG have?

    Honestly, I think that just about every aspect of AG was fundamentally flawed in some fashion. And just because I feel like making a nice big list of a post, and because my typin' fingers are feelin' cold and itchy, y'all'd best strap yourselves in for a long one. (Or, far more likely, ignore it...
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    The League - tournament system, characters, storyline

    Mm. Being fair, though, there were a couple of episodes that discussed various circumstances where one wouldn't need to collect badges to enter leagues. The episode they're thinking of is OS009, "School of Hard Knocks." It featured a trainer academy in which each class level corresponded to a...
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    Is Trip really Ash's "main" rival this saga? (Contains minor spoilers)

    You know, I remember a time when this place's general opinion on Trip was basically the opposite of what it is now. No, not in the sense that he was universally liked; that would require the forum at large to, y'know, actually like something. Rather, the precise reasons for hating Trip were...
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    Are Ash's losses in the Don George tournaments leading up to something?

    I think that you've answered your own question here, really. It all has to do with the spotlight. Ash won the Pokeringer competitions because the writers thought it was fitting (and perhaps, for the second, a halfhearted attempt to say that Paul isn't the best trainer at everything ever, and...