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  • Ah that sucks..
    Yeah Crystal was my absolute fave as well! Its has too much going on..

    Wow really.. I wasn't as early since when Blue version was popular back then I can only watch an play through my cousins gameboy back in my country!

    The first game I played was the yellow version..

    LeafGreen and FireRed is same as Blue or Red only you can transfer your pokemon with much compatibility..
    Hey sorry to postpone our chat but I got to go.. Hey talk to you tomorrow then since its around midnight in your place right!?

    Thanks again and I will definitely reply to your last comment as soon as I get back!

    tAKE cARE AND See you!
    Thanks for accepting my friend request.. Yeah the forum lags too much..
    Yes I am a big fan of Ninetales (all my faves are listed in my "about me" page.. I see you like Empoleon.. Though I don't use Ninetales anymore since I hated its back sprite XD..

    Oh thats nice so you'll buy the other version apart from your friends brother.. That way you guys can trade and fullfil the pokedex!

    Hey you own them? I gave away mine.. Its a shame. I want it back now! Well how many years have you been playing Pokemon? I like Suicune too! Back then my favourite Pokemon is Jumpluff!
    My pleasure then! I befriended you here.. Yeah its nice to have contacts to fulfill pokedex and get rare/legendaries/shiny pokemons!

    You are absolutely Welcome!

    Indeed.. I am planning to get SoulSilver since I think Lugia is much cooler than Ho-oh.. I also will get it just because Ninetales is in this version.. If Ninetales is in HeartGold then I will get it instead but I'm glas SoulSilver has it!

    I'm so excited about the game since I love Silver/Gold/Crystal version the most! This remakes is going to be great!!!!
    Well hope you will!

    Hopefully we can be of acquiantance and help each other out with Pokemon!!

    Btw are you buying HeartGold SoulSilver games?
    Oh is that so... Why do you have a Wifi btw? I thought once you have an internet you have an access to pokemon trades and stuff..

    Hey thanks.. Well then I'm at ease!

    Its alright.. You can keep your Shaymin, as I have to catch my Shaymin.. I still have the pass...

    Here's my Friend Code: 4081 2280 9512 from Diamond Version..

    Just a question though.. Do you happen to have a Celebi or Jirachi?
    Wait where are you?

    Well I will be waiting..

    Btw promise me one thing!!!!!! I really am fond of this Shiny of mine and I got it from my friend. You wont trade it for anyone ok!? Its definitely legit Shaymin from the Japanese Shaymin movie event.. Original trainer is "Eigakan" and it has the Classic Ribbon and Cherrish Ball! Sadly most of its stat are low but the Sp Attack is high..
    HP: 4 - 5
    Att: 2 - 3
    Def: 18 - 19
    SpA: 30
    SpD: 20 - 21
    Speed: 10 - 11

    Oh and it has Lonely nature. I was planning to use this in my team but I think you'll take care of it better!
    Hey thats very generous of you but at the moment I don't have any legendaries or pokemon to request in particular.. But I will keep in mind your offer!

    I'm very please to have the Timid Female Glaceon!

    But definitely I will keep your offer in mind.. Thank you very much!
    Yeah brothers are pain!
    But you see my brother isn't young anymore.. He's a teenager and he ruined my game just to irritate me! He's a pain I tell you! Damnit. I spend my time waiting for the egg to hatch and it went all down to waste.. sigh..

    So what do you want for the Glaceon?
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