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  • Not with lag.

    Alright, I just have to shoot them when they come down.



    *They fall*

    Ha! Die!

    *Mashed fire button*

    Damn it Axl, do more damage!

    Screw it. *switched to Zero*


    *kills them, but it takes forever and Zero is injured.

    Soldier Stonekong appears.

    *switches to Axl*

    *opens fire*

    *10 minutes later*

    YOU WIN!
    Oh Soldier Stonekong?

    Remember how you had to deal with that incredibly annoying miniboss before him?

    And the fact that if you don't have X yet, you're only long range attacker is Axl?
    I found a whopping one boss easy. Tornado Tonion. Just block with Zero.

    The rest of them were all incredibly annoying due to the 3D. Especially Snipe Anteator. God, his weakness is useless against him.
    In most games, you hear the music repeat once, twice, maybe three times at most.

    In X7....

    Let's just say my playthroughs had me at least at 20 reps, as lag doesn't slow the BGM down.

    It gets ridiculous when I hear the boss battle music rep because I'm trying to hit the boss, only failing because he magically dodged, or just barreled right into me.
    You get sick of X7 music when you hear it over and over and over and over again because you can't get anywhere due to the messed up 3D.

    Especially on the computer version, where everything is laggy.

    Also, I count sound effects like voices as part of the X7 soundtrack. X7 had really bad voices.
    I class Megaman fans in differnt catagories.

    The Good...

    Causal Fans
    The MMC Members
    The Robotic Conniusaurs
    Friendly Fan.

    The Bad and the Ugly.
    X6 isn't a bad game. It's a decent game in my opinion. I do hate Mega snobs. X7 wasn't a bad game either, sure, it wasn't well polished and had goofy Mavericks, it is still a fun game.
    Not.. really.

    You basically just said:

    "Who cares if it screwed up canon! AU!"


    "X7 gave us ZXA (which isn't actually true since they probably would've made a game like that even without Axl's introduction eventually) and 3D was meant to be!"
    Yes it has.

    You didn't even answer my question, and I just sent you a list of the main reasons X6 and X7 sucked.

    Keep in mind that I only gave the main reasons; there are dozens of other reasons that I omitted.
    Happy Birthday to you.
    Happy Birthday to you.
    Happy 16th Birthday Selfdestruct Togepi.
    Happy Birthday to you.
    yes i did, i do that with everyone in order to save some time. some people on the internet have long names see:p
    hello Selfdestruct Togepi things are fine here. i'm getting my stuff ready for my vacation to greece.

    how are you?
    Me too. I just graduated from school, and I'm getting tired of all these parties and graduation dinners. I slept in until one in the afternoon today.
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