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  • there were alot of draws wern't there:p
    it were some nice races though it wasn't very fair to push me of the edge on the first race at rainbow road.
    Poutao Sharuontao, hm, sounds like a small place.
    anyway i'll fire up my Wii for you, i was planning to get gold on the last mirror race i had to do but that can wait now.

    i'll be online when you read this.
    hm, lucky you the weather is good for the time being. anyway i allways have plenty of time here so whenever you are up for a match then you know where to find me, just make sure it's between 2:30 pm & 7:30 pm.

    though about your vacation on the 12th, which part of france are you heading for if i may ask?
    oh, wow you have wonderful hair *gets shot*
    nah sorry i couldn't resist xP

    anyway i hate to dissapoint you after all the hard work yesterday but sadly i cannot race again today since my grandpa asked me and dad to come over for something. when we are back it will be around 9pm or so which is 10pm in the UK so i can't be online then, i will make this up to you because i promised we would have a race so when i have time again we wil race the star road if you are up for it, it's the best and most challenging map in my opinion.
    did you base your mii on your own look or was it something that came into your mind? the one i allways use is indeed based on me, i even asked moms for it and she said it looked alot like me:p

    anyway, on weekdays i can race from 3 pm to 7:30 pm UK time, can you make it in thoe times?
    i see you now, you are from germany right?
    anyway time is getting critical i only have time untill 8:30 which it almost is, i can't do much anymore especially with the forumlag i experience right now. we have to do this another time i'm afraid.
    that's okay, for now i'm busy with work anyway,
    when you have time again for a race then tell me okay?
    hello, Selfdestruct Togepi.
    i would like to do a few races next tme i'm on so i have registrated you in the friend roster.
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