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  • Yeah, I read fanfics all the time. But in pokemon fanfics, I seem to find only Pokeshipping, Ikarishipping, and Contestshipping. I only like Ikarishipping out of those, so I don't have much to choose from when it comes to pokemon shipping fanfics.
    Yeah, I like May best than the others as well.

    I'm not one for PalletShipping, as I am not for any yaoi pairing...except EliteUnderShipping (Aaron x Lucian)

    I'm more for straight and yuri pairings.
    Yeah, I hate Ash/Misty. I don't know why.
    You guess HoennIncest right.
    InfraRedShipping is Mars/Dawn,
    SinfulShipping is Mars/Jupiter.

    And thanks. So, do you have any particular ship interests?
    Ahem, let's see.
    PearlShipping, IkariShipping, AdvanceShipping, HoennIncestShipping, InfraRedShipping, SinfulShipping, and three currently nameless shippings that hopefully I'm naming. see 'What's this ship called?' thread
    They are: Miror B x Rui, Miror B x Cynthia, Cynthia x Max...
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