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  • Err what do you have?

    I see you have a lugia up for trade I can trade you 2 shinies of your choice out of Raichu Spinda Torkoal or Beautifly.

    I might be able to trade you my lvl 70 shiny alakazam as well
    Grr I really want those EVs trained. But I guess not. What could you offer me in addition to the feebas. Not saying it's bad, just that a shiny magicarp is pretty sought after :p
    Lol I don't know about shinnies but I bet we could arrange a deal. Also if you train the EVs here is the deal I plan to lay out.

    Shiny Magicarp
    Shiny Magicarp.
    Hmm...would you be interested if I gave you it WITH a masterball or rare candy (maybe some other rare item). You would then train its EVs for me :) Not really that hard. It's like 15 battles when you have pokerus and the power items
    Oh. Well even if it's hacked. I want one for my pokedex so I can get more off the GE. What would you want for that one?
    Well I'm no breeder, so I'll just go ahead and steal yours ;)
    What did you want for it again? Also, I'm too tired to think right now, but does it have any egg moves?
    Haha I wish you had another shaymin :/ I need one either way.
    Also I don't know which one to chose since I don't get any attack on one, but then only a fair amount of Hit Points on the other. Hmm, which do you reccomend ?
    Haha exactly! Gr.
    I'm mad because I just found out sky shaymin reverts back to its orginal form in Diamond/Pearl. :/ Grr.
    Sorry it's just of utmost importance when trading for my [battle] team.
    I'll be able to initiate a trade for about 2-3 more hours, however I may lose connection sometime in between. Also if you battle on Wi-Fi using the 100/50 battle the pokemon will AUTOMATICALLY level up! (so you can check its IVs mid-battle).
    Actually that sounds nice!
    Hmm I'd have to think about that one.
    Is it UT? And if so, can you find its exact IVs via Wi-Fi?
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