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  • Yeah, and same goes with stages. The selection of characters they chose to unlock this time around was kind of odd, though. Maybe it's just me. I was sad that this is the first time you don't have to unlock Captain Falcon.

    Well, that's what custom characters are for, if you wanted more defense. Haven't messed with it though. There's so much to do. e.e
    Oh really? So did you ever play the FE games he was in?
    I wished I had someone I could say I'm an expert at, in the demo of SSB4, I'm best with Link but I play so poorly haha.

    Yeah, I alos sucked at him as well which is hilarious cause of my username. XD
    Oh you played most with Ike? Didn't thought you'd be into Fire Emblem.
    I actually didn't play the old ones much, the one time I did was with...Lucario but I don't remember it so well since it was pretty minor.
    Same here except I can't show anybody because their eyes would burn due to the intense beauty of my hair
    Ah, makes more sense.

    Well, the idea of it is to get good with the underdog character so I can humiliate my opponents online. I'm kinda a jerk, heh...

    Oh, I almost forgot Bowser Jr! I've yet to unlock him; but if he plays like Bowser, but a faster version, then I'll probably be frequenting him.
    Charizard is pretty decent from what I've experimented with.
    i really find it curious on how you always change avatars, maybe you still haven't found your desired pic ;)

    but your profile picture is marvelous, hmm i wonder if that's a screenshot or fanart :x
    Neat! Who are your favorite characters?

    I got it at midnight via Eshop and I'm loving Robin, Lucina and more. :)
    Woah you have Fire Emblem: Awakening too? Yes!

    On another note, ready for Smash bros? :D
    You mean day, right? 3DS version releases at midnight. :p

    Which new character(s) do you have plans to specialize with?
    Wii Fit Trainer for me (don't laugh), and possibly Pac-Man.
    Halt. A fine parry mam. And yet, here you stand in yellow garb most strange.

    Speak fiend! What nefarious plot are you hatching here?!
    Hey welcome back, it's been a while since I've seen your posts around here, almost thought you vanished Into thin air lol.
    I didn't notice that you were the one who come up with the name AmourShipping, I just found out when I was scrolling the AmourShipping page last night

    -I should have gave credit to you earlier xd-
    This may sound creepy (sorry in advance XD), but since reputation is unavailable, I wanted to praise you for your post here. I'll admit to not being the biggest fan of Serena (though I really have been enjoying her lately! I think she's on her way to finding something she enjoys doing), but it's horrible the way people are acting about this Pokemon Performer concept. I'm seriously horrified at some of the things people are posting about it as well as Serena herself. Like you said in your post, I had no idea it was degrading to enjoy girly things as, well, a girl. :p *rolls eyes*

    Anyway, if I could give you reputation points for your post, I totally would!
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