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  • yeah specially since I procrastinate in class a lot xD bad habit of mine even playing in sports haha and goodnight !! ^^
    yeah that's the positive spirit haha even though I hate finals xD they bring me depression D:
    Yes it really is awesome to be to relax for some time until august and it's still june :D but College is fun , I like the freedom it gives
    Hey time flies very fast :p you'll be on vacation in a blink of an eye lol
    yeah I'm still am , I started in May but it's gonna end August 7th and I'm taking the summer to relax and recover from that last semester which was really hard.
    It will but not now lol to lazy to do it xD plus I need to finish my concentration in college as well :]
    Oh believe me there was a member x member shipping thread in the past and more than half of the polyships names came out of my typos lol.
    It's never to late to learn it :p besides in my opinion Spanish is quite easy to learn ^^ but that's awesome that you know Italian :O and you're right they sound the same because they come from the same mother language C:. If I have the chance to learn a third one it will either be Portuguese or French i'm really interested in those.
    Yeah they really are even when I joined the forums haha. Oh believe me I have made some epic typos in the past xD they appear less now that my grammar has gotten better but in the past if I recall correctly almost all the time in chats I invented a new word lol.

    I don't mind at all ^^ , my primary language is Spanish ever since I was a little kid I learned both Spanish and English at the same time thanks to the tv xD but in here in Puerto Rico ( home country ) I tend to use Spanish most of the time because it's the primary language but I still wanna learn a third one :)
    haha thank you :) the Pearlshippers and other shippers around these forums are really nice people :D in my case I tend to be funny with random stuff and my accidental typos ( English is not my main language :/ )
    you're welcome , if you have doubts on anything don't hesitate to ask x) dang I'm really tired right now lol
    Hey those gifs you posted in the pearl thread were awesome :) thanks for sharing it out here ^^
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