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  • this time around as in 5th gen? oh absolutely many of them have brilliant alter colors..
    btw do you play competitively?
    Do whatever interests you the most. Thats the best way to go. At least better than picking something that only looks cool.

    I played few days back when you asked me about it. Battled few players and I won every match except for one which got stuck. I think I am good at it.
    Well those exams went great. Once you reach the university, you don't go after marks, its specialization that matters cause thats what you might do for the rest of your life.

    I suppose there are other subjects you can choose from. I don't know about your interest but Electronics has nice scope.

    Well yes I do competitive battling over Pokemon Online once in a while. But tbh haven't done so in a while, maybe like in two months but I would be glad to return to that.
    Oh hi there! Haven't talked to you in a long time :)
    I'm fine i guess...just busy with medical college so I haven't been that active here nowadays...
    So how're you?
    porashuna almost shesh hoye gesilo....but then decided to do a PhD, and that takes three more years!! X( Life's so dull sometimes.....
    Not much for me. Just been busy for a while. Don't come online much nowadays. Got some free time today so I am just listening to some music on youtube.
    I don't know about which exams are you talking about. Exams are going on and this will continue till January. Most of my Engg. life went by giving exams. We give about 6 of them a year so you can imagine my condition.

    what are you doing these days? Any future plans?
    Eid Mubarak Aunim bro!! This was the shittiest Eid ever. Totally forgot about. If it wasn't for Mom to call and remind me, the Eid would have gone by and I wouldn't have had a clue. That's saaaaad! Hope you had fun....
    Hey man, sorry for the late response, but Eid Mubarak to u too! Was in Melbourne...chillin!!!!
    I'm in the middle of my Unit 3 exams. D: At least we had a holiday! Belated Eid Mubarak to you ^^
    Im from mumbai, no but im not very active on facebook though :p
    had you gone to watch any of the world cup matches? I didnt cause i had my exams then :(
    Hey there, nice to meet a fellow asian, im from india btw
    You should update your sig bro the world cups over a long time ago :)
    So are you watching Best Wishes? Its getting better and better. It has the original series vibe to it.
    Congratulation for your excellent result. I am not surprised at you getting 80% in English cause I find your English nice. I have seen people from America and England with bad grammar and you have got no problem like that.
    I hope you fix your PC soon. The spoilers section is kind of going through a rough time with all those noobs walking in everyday with their stupid comments.
    Anyways I am going off the radar cause I have exams and it will last for one month, 14 June to be more precise. I hope to talk to you after that. C ya.
    Sorry for the late reply. I haven't been keeping up with my messages here. I was just coming and posting in threads. The WC win didn't came out as a shocker although SL was a great team but by the time of finals we knew that victory was ours. Maybe this was over confidence or belief but whatever it was, it didn't let us down.
    I haven't seen you posting for a while. Something wrong? I hope you haven't lost interest in the Pokemon franchise.
    'mou' is a bit tricky, but it basically means 'already' in most contexts. It can also mean 'soon' with time words ('It's nearly 2 o'clock' or 'Mom is coming soon'), or 'more/another/again' with counting words (like 'one more coffee' 'I'll check once again' or 'in another two weeks')
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