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  • Honestly speaking.........the craze is over already, people are now concentrating on the IPL
    I hope you score well then.
    Australia is not at their best in this World Cup so there are chances that India might win. But I am still keeping my expectations low or else it hurts later on.
    Sadly I missed the OP too. Was there anything special in there?
    I am trying some different styles of music of 60s and 70s era. Although people these days don't prefer them still they are pretty decent.
    I don't know what SSC is but anyways best of luck for it.

    Sadly I don't have a Facebook account. I got fed up of social networking and I am working quite hard on music these days.

    Well there is a possibility of India getting out now since next match is against Australia!!. But I don't know about rest of the countries. Keeping up with India was quite hard for me with tight schedule. I hope I can draw more time in days to come.
    Just fine. Haven't heard from you for a long time. How have you been? I myself took a six month break and returned in Feb. Still not doing much in here, you know, like posting or stuff.
    Yes my man. the fifth gen is upon us. I am totally inlove with the new grass starter. Which one did u like best? The water one - not so much. Did u see wht they are doing with the games? It's amazing!!
    Guys, I dont know if you heard but, Aunim's net got cancelled a bit ago. I havent heard from him in awhile. I think it disconnected once the new year started :(
    hey! :D its been a while. i hope you did well on those exams. i myself have been busy with school and, as it is the christmas season, am hoping to catch up on the latest. :D it was nice to hear from you and hopefully we can chat more often. ;)
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