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Last Activity:
Apr 2, 2020 at 7:01 AM
Jan 25, 2004
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Jul 28, 1986 (Age: 33)
Home Page:
Bournemouth, England
Student, Free-lance Journalist

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And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared..., 33, from Bournemouth, England

Staff Member Admin
Serebii was last seen:
Apr 2, 2020 at 7:01 AM
    1. 10151993
      Inner focus
      Sitrus berry
      Feint Attack
      Psych up
    2. 10151993
      Shuckle is a partner pokemon in the battle masion
      Ability: Gluttony
      Item: Lax incense
      Gyro ball
      Double team
      Power trick

      Expert belt
      Giga Impact
      Stone edge
      Frost Breath

      Do you want me to keep editing this meassage, post a new message each time or do you have a thread for this?

      One last one tor now
      Sitrus berry
      Icy wind
      Shadow ball
      Thunder bolt
      Destiney bond
    3. TheDarkDragons
      Infernape is a Partner Pokémon in the Battle Maison, with Blaze as it's ability, holding a Life Orb, Fake Out, Close Combat, Overheat, and Stone Edge. Sceptile can also have Unburden, but with the same item and moveset as the Overgrow one.
    4. ShadowBender 20
      ShadowBender 20
      HELP!!! My notification spot at the top, well it keeps saying I have 3 unread VM's and I have read them. HELP!!!
    5. Darkendra
      Never mind about that I forgot how to tell about these things.
      Haven't been on Serebii Forums in a long time.
    6. *PKMN Trainer Paddy*
      *PKMN Trainer Paddy*
      Hey Serebii :D. Is was wondering if you were keeping track of all the pokemon that can be seen in the kalos cafes?
    7. Gamefreak
    8. Completion
      Mr. Serebii. Are you ever going to add gen VI to the ranking system or have you and your staff stopped making that a priority ages ago?
    9. Chidori__O
      So are you planning on making a rival page? For X and Y I mean (dont mean to sound pushy of course)
    10. 9ivory
      Is there a way to change Sawsbuck's forme in this generation? There seems to be no seasonal themes in this game as each city seems to be locked in one continuous season which, even then, the forme is still the Spring forme.
    11. NoToRiousBrawL
      Hey there! How's life?

      I looked into your X & Y Mega Pokedex, it looks amazing, but you missed out Mamoswine.
    12. Manafi's Dream
      Manafi's Dream
      Could you add the new Pokemon mini icons to the forums? I love how they look, and I want to be able to use them in my sig.
    13. gigabowser20
      hi when will you be able to start adding shiny pokemon pics to the xy pokedex?
    14. Poke-Dragon5
      Hi Serebii um say i think you forgot to add something in the Pokedex the Flavor Text just want to remind you:)
    15. tomatohater
      May I ask what 'Referrals' are in the 'About Me' section are?

    16. AuraChannelerChris
      Hi, o Almighty Serebii (this isn't meant to be taken as an offense). I have something to report as suggested by the site itself.

      Either my computer doesn't like some threads that they make it all invalid to watch, or Internet Explorer 11 is not Serebii-user friendly.

      I CAN watch all threads using Firefox, so that proves my point.
    17. Surfi

      I put this on forums but I was tell to contact you by PM.

      The thing is that I foud that one of the medals I have is missing on the Medal list page, exactly the number B-013-1 called "Battle Institute Challenger" and description "A Medal for Trainers who have taken the Battle Test 10 times".
      I can do a screen capture if you need as a proof.

      Then, I think Trainer Card does not have Silver colour, because mine first was Green, after elite 4 it was Blue, when I saw all the Kalos pokemon it changed to Black and finally I have it Gold/Yellow colour after beating one of the 50 streak on the Super battles in Battle Maison. Here is a photo as a proof:


      Thats all. See you!
    18. xSabre
      Hey, Joe! So I discovered a couple things while playing through my Y version. According to the in-game description of Oblivious, the Ability now protects the Pokémon from taunts as well as from infatuation. I'm assuming that this means exactly what it says and that Taunt no longer works on Pokémon with the Oblivious ability, but I haven't had a chance to test it yet.

      Secondly, it seems that when we breed Pokémon now, the baby can inherit Egg Moves from both the mother and the father. I bred a female Piloswine that I had remember Ancient Power with a male Beartic, and the baby Swinub that were born inherited Icicle Crash from the father Beartic as well as Take Down and Ancient Power from the mother Piloswine. I read on the site that you and some others were researching move inheritance, and I just wanted to share with you what I noticed.
    19. Xyllerion
      I know this is a bit late...
      In the Battle Chateau part it says that Korrina will explain the Battle Chateau, but the one I met was Viola.
      Also, about Trevor does he actually live in Vaniville town or something else? I found a house in an alleyway in Juane Plaza, the blue door.
      An npc in there says that Trevor is her brother.
    20. ZoRk
      Hello serebii a lot of 6gen Icons are not showing for me in the xy pokedex for some reason idk why :S

      also Can you add the shiny sprites in the xy pokedex?
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    Jul 28, 1986 (Age: 33)
    Home Page:
    Bournemouth, England
    Student, Free-lance Journalist
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    Smart, Outgoing, Webmaster

    Pokémon, Sci-Fi, Video Games, Going out etc.