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  • Hi serebii, I just realised that I think the name of my thread that you approved yesterday (I'm GMT +8) should be renamed and called: What pokemon would you have liked to see have an evolution in 5th gen. If that's too long, dont worry about it, but I would like it to have that name because it would be so much more successful :)
    Hey Serebii! You should make a new userbar or rank thing with Arceus on it maybe like when the user reaches 20000 post?
    Hi Serebii :) I was wondering if you would like to approve my thread that i just submitted :) I can't remember the name of it but it has something to do with 5th gen evolutions :)
    Hi, im doing an german pkmn Black playthrough, whith german pokes. I could get all german names for all B/W pokes. I wonder if you would like to have them when i'm done, to add for your pokedex.
    Hi Mr Serebii, I was wondering if I could have a name change. If not it's ok. Also I would just like to thank you for making this amazing site and forums :)
    I was aware of that. But with technology always evolving, the war between protectors and hackers continues.... but we will not let them destroy your websites. They're probably jealeous of your success.
    And i love the fact that the forum is the same format i'm used to. the only things I went to was a site called christian forums. (Not advertising BTW) and it had the same format. When i saw it was similar (format wise) i knew i would join. I'm here almost all of the day (LIttle bit too obsessed)
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