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  • Ethan <----- Typical name. But anyway, I never knew that moderators/adminstrators could get banned. Whats up with that? ...I mean, what happened, if you don't mind me asking. I've heard of moderators being locked from their accounts for awhile if they weren't following expectations, but to ban them? :/

    Yeah, i have a majoe problem and since you run the whole thing i think you can fix it. My account called: KiraRebornXD is locked up, reset, and messed up. I need to get into it but the password is gone and i have this back up account that uses the same e-mail and no that isn't the problem. It says on the Kira account waiting e-mail confirmation and it looks hacked also i was wondering if you could PM me my password from it cuz i can't get back into it and also, the thing kept saying: e-mail is not in the system or something when i tried to reset the password on it. I really really really don't want the account deleted repeat i DON'T want it deleted. Just need to know my password k. I'll even PM the e-mail if you want but it the system will get confused and reset the (DeadInsideForever) password. So if you could help i'd be forever greatful. Thanks.
    Hi, Serebii Sir! :D

    Okay, I have a suggestion (whoa);
    Why not make a section for people who remix pokemon Music? I remix music, and I'm sure there are tons of people here that write music to! :) It would be a wonderful way to get more people on the site, and music makes everybody's day brighter...unless it's a remix of the distortion world theme. :V

    Sorry about the thread. Still, my sister made an account, and the confirmation e-mail never came, but I still got infracted. Help?
    I don't suppose you have any idea as to whether there are any plans to add any new Pokémon to the Dream World? New area? New Pokémon to old areas?
    Hey, Serebii, if you want to change Misc. for the better, then you should definitely start by promoting Profesco to super mod! He's my fave mod and many other people's as well. He's very friendly and is good at what he does. I may be behind and he may have already been promoted, but he's one of the best mods around.
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