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  • I have an question which you can probably help with. If you adverstive a clan by a VM to an user, like "Hey can you join this clan." Is it ok to do it or will you get in trouble for it. I did it before but I didn't think it is against the rules. PikaPika677 said that we once report somebody for it and they got in trouble. I really want to know because I wanted to tell my friend about the clan I am in.
    could you please put the avatars in the change avatars into a logical order, it drives me crazy when i can't find the one i want
    I know you're probably busy and such, but "HE" made another thread. I responded so I"m probably going to be infracted but I was defending mods so eh.

    It must be frustrating having this happen on your forum. :C
    Hey just wondering, can solrock and cresselia really learn role play? In my SS i took them to the person who teaches them the move but he doesnt give me the option of teaching it to them.Mind telling me whats wrong?
    Has Coro Coro announce any new Pokemon games yet? I sure hope it's a Mystery Dungeon game.

    Also whatever happened to that friend of yours over Pikachu's Den?
    Hi serebii I got a question about the OSL: if I signed up can I challenge it right away or do I have to wait to get accepted?
    Hi, I'm having a problem rating threads. No matter which one I try to rate, it says that I've already rated it. I don't get this, because sometimes the thread has 0 rates or is one that I haven't visited before. Thanks for reading this!
    have you read this
    Dub News

    Update: We’ve been contacted by Magna Home Entertainment and though the two films were originally planned for release on DVD in November, The Pokémon Company International has since pushed back the launch until early 2012. A big thanks to Magna Home Entertainment for the prompt response.

    According to an email received by viewer PKMDVD from Magna Home Entertainment – the distributors of the Pokémon anime in Australia, both Victini and the Black Hero: Zekrom and Victini and the White Hero: Reshiram will be available in Australia on Blu-ray and DVD from November 30th 2011.

    Both films are the first in the Pokémon Black & White anime series are star the Victory Pokémon Victini, depending on which version you watch either Reshiram or Zekrom also play a major role in the narrative. Both movies are similar in storyline but feature minor differences such as the Pokémon and human characters that make an appearance in each.

    Even though the two films only began playing in Japanese theatres last month, this wouldn’t be the first time a Pokémon movie is dubbed into English so quickly, Pokémon – Arceus and the Jewel of Life back in 2009 also premiered in Australia only four months after the film aired in Japanese cinemas.

    The November 30th release date may just be a place holder and not entirely set in stone but the possibility of the 14th Pokémon movies being released in only three months time is quite exciting

    and some wall-marts got Black & White TCG set 2 Dub News

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