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  • Hello. Sorry if I'm disturbing you, but I got a weird glitch while using the search function. I searched for the words "set up social group", because I had forgotten how to do so (Got help, figuring it out though). The weird thing was the error screen I got, which can be seen here. And it only does this with that particular phrase. I don't know if it's anything, but better safe than sorry.

    Oh, and now that I'm here, thanks for a great site! It's helped me out of getting stuck more times than I can count.
    Serebii, I want to tell you that even if the starters are fake, you're site is still the number one Pokemon news site and forums in my book. I won't think any less of you, even if some of my posts might have seemed that way (if there was ever an instance where it seemed I personally attacked you or made comments that hurt you). I'm sorry.

    This probably seems random, doesn't it? Well, today is Rosh Hashanah, and it's a new year, and I'm supposed to apologize to anyone I might have hurt. So, here I am.

    [/end sappy post]
    An excellent point was brought up in the Fifth Generation forum. You removed from Mamanbou's section in the new pokemon page any reference to Luvdisc. You know something, don't you? Luvdisc doesn't evolve, does it? I doubt revealing this little tidbit would be anywhere near enough to get you or your source(s) in trouble.

    BTW, sorry if I come across as rude, I'm just unhappy at the prospect that Game Freak could actually have programmed in another heart-shaped Water-type and NOT have it evolve from Luvdisc, which needs an evolution something terrible.
    Hey, I was wondering, is Pokexperto telling the truth with his information? I wasn't sure whether to believe him or not, and I thought getting your opinion on it would help.

    Nice site by the way :)
    Your website is extremely well designed and one of the best Pokemon reference sites out there. Thank you so much for your time and effort in keeping Pokemon fans around the world posted on the latest news!
    umm... searching the web for random stuff, and type in serebiiforums.com, to go to it, and it seems you don't exactly have an enourmous fanbase... maybe i should make one...
    I'm not joking around i will mess this site up and Serebii loser Joe can't do a damn thing about it and if he bring up the Jail agianst me again i will find him and kill him i'm not playing around,this site will be mess up and nobody will stop me.
    Hi, you must have been asked these tonnes of times before but I would just like to know:
    a. Will you be doing a discovery thread,
    b. When do you expect your B/W copy to arrive,
    c. Do you usually do or other people usually hack the games to find the event Pokemon?

    Thanks again,
    Togekiss used Air Slash! It's Super Effective!
    Celebi Flinched!
    Togekiss used Air Slash! It's Super Effective!
    Celebi Fainted!
    Wow the previous person under me has no life. Lol he's gonna mess this site up? Lol he's just trying to scare you. You take it as a joke right?
    Serebii.aka Joe Merrick,you can't scare me away with the Police and i'm not going to jail maybe you will when i'm done with you,but you really push me to far this time, i will mess this site up i mean it and i will only do it when i'm not to busy.
    Serebii.aka Joe Merrick,you are a loser and nobody likes you're *** and i will teach you're gay *** an lesson,you better watch this site because when i'm not to doing other important things i will make sure it come down.
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