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  • Never Mind...found out I had to go into Talga's house for Quest 10 first, then go there, then go a bit further, in front of the building where those Staraptors were...then back again for quest complete. :/
    Thanks I will check and you know that Pokemon Summer Day Camp from the Anime where Ash and that girl with the Shinx go off to find the Badges on the night hunt but then nearly get drawn into the Spirit World you don't think that girl has and Relation to Zoroark do you? Because when Duskinoir throws her in she changes into multiple shapes before dissapearing and also on HG/SS when you get the Gym Leaders in the Dojo for the Rematch will they stay there until you battle them and then go back to where they were afterwards so you have to do it all over again? Sorry again for the long questions.
    thankyou serebii!"
    i wanted to trade eggs over for mah teem!
    i got my arceus yesterday are you going to any uk arceus events?
    hey serebii can you trade from d/p/pt straight away to hg/ss? i would like to know cause im breeding a team.
    Ok yeah I guess I did forget that fact, but it sometimes makes people, including myself wonder how true they are if there really is nothing known to back it up. Is the source at least somehow connected to the The Pokémon Company?
    Hi Serebii I'm a bit confused you know the Pre-Order figures they seem to becoming out everywhere and then I went to PreOrder The Game and Instore it said nothing about the figure but online it did by the way this was at GAME does it mean I'll still get the figures or not? Sorry to bother you with such a wierd question but I just would like to know Thanks
    J, I'm sorry to bother you with such a small question, but I've been waiting to ask this for a while now.

    Will those new trainer sprites for the manga characters ever be added into the avatar selection?
    *bows down*

    Your majesty, I've recently been watching the Animé episode Hello Pummelo, and I noticed something in a photo in the Hall of Fame. I looked closely at it, and noticed that the trainer had a Jolteon. Later, I looked at your Animédex and noticed that it wasn't mentioned there.

    If you want you (or whoever's in charge) can add that to the right pages in the Animé section on your site (though I'm unsure if you include cameos from photos).
    Hey, I beat Mt.Battle on XD, but no none offered me the starters...

    Was I supposed to beat it without leaving?

    And where is the person that gives me the starters?
    I found the Hitmontop Sign earlier, but I forgot to post. Anyways there's a man with a Hitmontop near the sign rock. He has a quest, talk to him again and you'll battle Hitmontop...Catch it and you'll get the sign. He's at Sobiana Island - Sobiana Highway, although you're probably aware of this one...
    Found the Vulpix Ranger Sign. There's a quest outside of the ruins (The one with Entei) and you keep going till you find a room that has a dead end just left of the entrance of that room...You'll face a Vulpix and 3 Mightyena (Rage Mode)
    Whoa! It's not Lucario...It's: R-221: Salamance Dragon Fire * 4 that's behind that Ice Boulder. (Didn't need Break :D)
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