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  • Hi Serebii! :D I hope you're having a good 2018! (i know i am cuz i'm still totally in love with the cutie named korrina!!!! X3; <3 *date's her at dah mall*)
    Some guy with a dumb name just owned Bulbapedia's staff in a Lana's Popplio talk page debate about gender...wanna go watch the stupid and chuckle at it? I can grab screencaps if you want...
    I just want to say you did a amazing job on the new update :) I have no problem navigating through this because it reminds me of another forum I use to be on ;)
    Celebi used time travel and send you back to 2001, a time in which she was a magnificent animation on your site!

    I wanted to say something but wasn't sure what, so hopefully this brought a smile to your face, webmaster! *sweat*

    If you're curious, I found the animation in the Internet Archive/Wayback Machine in this particular link: https://web.archive.org/web/20010205172000/http://serebii.net:80/index2.shtml

    If you don't trust links from new members, I understand if you won't click on this. =)

    The alternative path to find this is to lookup the Wayback Machine and insert www.serebii.net/index2.shtml into it, then to check out Feb. 05, 2001. ^^

    I enjoyed researching stuff ever since I could remember, so I hope me doing that sorta thing doesn't weird you out.
    What's the doco about the Elephant Man you are in? I'm watching the Lynch film and would want to see what's true or false.
    Hello Mr. Serebii :) I hope you are doing well.

    If you haven't guessed from my VMs on peoples profiles i've developed a crush on korrina this year.

    I had a storm where i live but luckily it wasn't so bad.

    What kind of job do you have right now? :)
    Happy Belated Birthday, Webmaster! Thank you for everything you do, both here on the forums and on Serebii.net!
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