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  • Hi Serebii! I was wondering would you ever consider doing an app? Sometime when I am at the doctors (I have many do to Cancer) and when I look something up I find it very challenging navigating the Pokédex. Thanks for reading and all the help you have provided me over the years keep up the good work.
    Hello Serebii. I gave a small qusstion.
    When did the Keldeo C-gear event end? Its telling me ti get it on the website but the promotion isn't there.

    P.s (How formal do my messages need to be?)
    Hey serebii do you know if the stationery braviary form route 4 was programmed to have low IV's always? Because I tried to catch a lot of them and all of them had low IVs in every stat.
    Hey ehm Serebii, I have a question....

    If I ever start a forum, is it allowed to make a own version of Fizzy Bubbles? Or must I get first permission of you all and give credits to Bulbagarden, UPN and Serebii Forums?
    Do you need to beat the game to unlock rentals masters? I already beat the mix tournament, rental and driftbeil. Thanks :)
    Not sure if you know this already or not, but every one of N's Pokemon obtained via Memory Link as well as the Zorua all have an IV of 30 in every stat. I also got a remark from N when I had N's Zorua in my party when I encountered him around Victory Road on the way to the Pokemon League. Just figured this information may be of use to you.
    Ah okay, thanks for saying it Joe. :)

    Say ehm, can you send me a FR if you want? ^^;

    BTW, just one question, is it known that the code in the National Pokédex book of BW2 is a one-use code or just a code that everyone can use?

    Edit: And another question, why have some members a avatar (not profile picture) that's not in the gallery? Do they have permission to use their own avatars orso? :s
    Hey Serebii, I have a question! If you fuse a Used/Touched/Levelled up Zekrom/Reshiram and you fuse it with a UT Kyurem, is that Black/White Kyurem touched or not? :s
    If u use challenge mode, do the levels/pokemon of any other trainers change (e.g. Your rival, colress, cynthia, alder and his son)
    Hey serebii. it says if you have idea's for the site to send them in. my idea is to revamp the RSFRLGE sections. thanks for hearing me out
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