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    Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Rescue Thread

    https://i.imgur.com/JsHfaat.jpg Rescued by chalkey300 Thank you, you're awesome! https://i.imgur.com/B3FjufV.jpg
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    Have you ever won the Pokemon Lottery?

    Yes, once in Pokemon Pearl, I have many Pokemon transferred from multiple saves of previous games and used to frequently win PP ups and occasionally the other prizes
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    How many infraction points/bans do you have currently?

    I have had 1 infraction from 2012
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    Hi Mr.Joker

    Hi Mr.Joker
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    Which main game was your first?

    Fire Red, I have now managed to complete it many times, though the first time has left me with many memories
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    #570 Zorua / #571 Zoroark

    Looking for a Zorua or Zoroark, I don't have anything good to trade and at best can give something generic and exclusive to Pokemon White, you would really be helping me out, I always wanted one for the Pokedex and just recently got access to WiFi
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    Favourite Game of 2013?

    I feel sad that I haven't played any of these not even XY so I choose other and am going to say my favourite is Cookie Clicker
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    What are you nitpicky about?

    I hate when volume controls are measured in numbers I always have to have to put it on a specific value like on my laptop or phone
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    Pokemon in the Wild

    I imagine them acting as a family. Gardevoir and Gallade raising Ralts and Kirlia in small communities, they are smart enough not to be found by trainers. At times wild Pokemon would play/fight with each other and work together in groups I think the new horde battles show it off better, the...
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    Who's the most forgettable Pokemon?

    I think Baltoy is
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    Hi braveheart1

    Hi braveheart1
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    Serebii Forums Suggestions Thread 2013 Edition

    At the top of the Forum below the banner the Pokedex button links to the 5th gen Pokedex. I think it time to switch it to the 6th gen Pokedex
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    Hi redy2116

    Hi redy2116
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    Dawn of Sequels?

    I have not played any sequels or third games and so far have not played Pokemon XY though it does seem like Pokemon Z will be most likely and not a sequel