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  • Haha, thank you! XD

    I do remember you, by the by. ;D

    Anyway, to your question! Conveniently enough, this is totally a legit rule thing. What you have to do, though, is give credit to them and make sure readers can somehow get in touch with them. Providing email addresses could work, if not IM handles. I'd avoid linking to their profiles on the other forum as the means of contact, partly because that might be considered a form of advertising and mostly because the whole point is to allow readers to communicate with authors if necessary (which they can't really do if they have to sign up for another site to do so).

    Tl;dr, it's totally kosher to post a collab fic that you wrote with people outside of Serebii so long as you credit all parties and make sure that the other authors and their readers can somehow communicate with each other. Assuming, of course, that your co-authors are fine with their work being posted here. b)'')b

    Good luck!
    Alright then. If in the near future you want me to look over anything, let me know. I'll be more than happy to help.
    That's fine. I should have all of my revisions done by tomorrow.

    And don't worry about it. Like I said, I don't have much for you to look over.
    Going to be a bit late to the meeting tonight. Also, I doubt I'll have anything ready to review for you. I've got comments I still need to clean up for when Jax was my partner last week.
    Hoy there, gator boy. :D Looks like you and I are paired this week for WoJ. So, I'll start in a non-business manner saying, "Hi, how are you?"
    Haha, totally okay. XD Updates to that fic have been slow anyway, buuuut they should be picking up!

    Also, real life is totally >>>> fanfics. Good to see you back, though! :D
    The bottom idea seems good. I have a fake card for the Moth Decks, to accelerate the Cocoon even further than stalling.
    Ah, okay.

    So, should I use this for my own gain then? and what should i do to show the new cards? A Card Analyzer is something I'd rather avoid, but I'll need some way of doing it.
    Fair enough - one of the recurring characters is going to be a collector - he's planned out though - a friendly character with tons of every card - a MEGA COLLECTOR. And based upon how our players perform against him, he'll be handing out prizes, in the form of booster's he's made from his cards and with opaque packing.

    With boosters, I'll be listing what appears in each booster for myself, and Create-A-Card? Is that like Theft?
    I once did make decks themed around characters and cards, so I'm very aware of the gateway into a character's personality. I plan on a series of OC's being characters who'll be tournament regulars, such as Leo 'The Moth' Saturn, a player whose deck revolves around the Great Moth Family. Alongside him I have Erika LaRue, a player whose deck consists of Lightsworn cards.

    Obviously decks will change - I mean, the main characters will be explorative in attributes while they learn - although one of them has a real problem with WATER cards, for something that'll happen early on in the Fic. I like the examples of the cards that frequently appear - another example would be Joey a;ways having Baby Dragon, Time Wizard and Red Eyes, and Jaden's continual use of Neos. Regardless of other cards you see, before they even change their decks you'll have them pull the same cards you learn to enjoy and anticipate.

    The academy is just an idea, and may or may not be orientated, based on how I feel the first Chapter goes without it. It won't be in Chapter One, to say the least.

    And another final thing is you referred boosters - how do you incorporate boosters into the story? I mean, that'll be my main problem. I don't want to use the actual boosters as the order would mean many older cards would be much rarer, or harder to get hold of - do I make my own themed ones?
    That does make sense - my main problem is decksa to be honest - I don't want to charge in with a strong deck so I'm thinking more random cards at first until he actually is helped by someone - and I'm also thinking of doing a GX style academy.
    Don't worry. I left you hanging with that last VM, so we can both be people who are terrible at replying to things! \o/

    Take your time either way. :D Bumping is always awesome.
    Loving the YGO Fic, you've inspired me to start my own - however, after not playing for a few years, will I be able to ask for, well, some sort of guidance from you? I stopped just before 5D's started but do have knowledge of Synchro/Tuner/XYZ cards to a certain extent.
    Hey there! VMing you instead of PMing you to let you know that the next part of Mary Sue Must Die! is now up. Hope you don't mind~! :D
    Ever since we started talking about Deckman, I've been obsessively daydreaming about what his battle would be like. This kind of thing tends to happen to me a lot XD
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