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  • Nice, yeah, I do a lot of digital design and video editing... but I do really wanna look into Music Comp.
    Yeah, we do some garage band work in DA but it's not the same, I'll look into it.
    Well, school's closed again... Ahh, I see, I actually thought of taking that up as one of my electives this year.
    Aww, sorry to hear that. It sounds like it was really tough though XD. After I finish this year I have to decide if I wanna go Uni or not, and if I don't then I really don't know what I'm gonna do XD it's driving me crazy when everyone keeps asking about it! Travelling sounds fun X3 I'd love to go on holiday to Japan, just once XD. *thinks of all the plushies/music/games she could buy*

    I'm feeling much better thanks ^_^ and :D Skyward Sword is amazing! <3 I think I love it even more than Twilight Princess~ My new 3DS is great too X3 my parents were awesome enough to get me the limited edition 25th Anniversary Zelda one with Ocarina of Time 3D that I really wanted, so I've been mega Zelda obsessed XD. Haha! I haven't got Skyrim, but I want to play it so much X3. Very late Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too! :D Hope you had a great time too~ Yay, we both finally got our shinies! I'm multi hunting Purrloin and Larvesta at the moment, but I'm definitely going for Kyurem after that :3. Daisuke destroys everything as a Samurott after using Swords Dance XD.

    College has kinda gotten better...a bit XD. We have two tutors now, and the new one's from Canada and has worked in game companies before. He's pretty cool :D John's still useless at helping us though :p (The other tutor).

    Wow, you're almost there! America'll be a great place to move too. And I know you'll be able to find a new job soon, don't worry ^^ something will turn up, I'm sure.
    Ehh, I've been sick the last few days, luckily school's closed today so I'm not missing anything. America? Where to?
    Hey Serris, can I get a banner like yours, the same style?

    Background colors: Espeon color
    Images: Espeon
    Text: Chello (inside) [EE]General Sexy (also inside) Espeon Squad (Below)
    Font: Something curly
    Font color: Black

    If you could do it that would be awesome, thank you <3
    Yeah I miss you aswell, wish I could see more of you around here. I'm sure everything will pan out just fine. Focus on your priorities and do the clan stuff when you the time. :)
    Well I have one of our new members doing the league banners but if you get time and want to do it options are always good.
    Hey serris I need you to edit the vaporeon squad leader banner to say Skyking, and his PO username is [EE]Skyking, then PM it to me or him, please do it ASAP. thx

    Otherwise how are you doing you havent been around in a while?
    Yeah, I suppose a "dead" art form is the best way to put it. Honestly, I'm suprised spriting hasn't increased in popularity here because pokemon IS one of the few games that still utilize them.

    And I've been working too, I haven't even played many games lately myself.
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