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  • Hey there :)

    I just thought I'd let you know that Kecleo said to add you because you're a cool guy who listens to good music :L
    You can be the very best ever XD

    Very often XD It's because there's a bridge going across the train tracks and people always wave at the trains XD

    Okay :D I'll work some more on it first. It doesn't look much like a TARDIS yet XD

    Jen: He's taking me to Paris this weekend.
    Moss: Ah, Paris.
    Jen: Have you been to Paris, Moss?
    Moss: No. I've heard of it.
    I'm not gonna list everything but he's most of my favourites:

    Arctic Monkeys
    The View
    Death Cab for Cutie
    Reel Big Fish
    Bowling For Soup
    Five Iron Frenzy
    Rise Against

    I don't want to go for too long :D
    Stake their claim when the music starts XD

    Nope XD but when they beep their horns they are XD

    Yay! <3 I will take a photo if I can. Or screenshot it, because its a 3D model on the computer XD

    Moss: You bests put seatbelts on your ears, Roy, cause I'm gonna take them for the ride of their lives!
    Everybody needs to make their mark XD

    One went by just now XD

    Haha! That stream was fun <3 I would've stayed longer, but I had to work on my college assignment. I'm building a model of the TARDIS :D. Was tom tomthepom? XD

    Usher: Hello?! Are you alright in there?
    Roy: Um...
    Usher: Do you need help?
    Roy: ...I'm disabled!
    It's too late now. I'm fifteen and my exams will start in May.

    Did you win it in a contest or did they only sell at at a live gig?
    Pokemon Johto, do doo doo do doo Pokemon Johto! XD

    I don't mind the trains either XD

    It says I need a login O_O will I need to make one? I'm a little confused XD I'll try going on the other link to talk XD btw, I don't have a mic XD

    Oh XD

    Roy: Hello, IT. Have you tried turning it off and on again? ... OK, well, the button on the side. Is it glowing? ... Yeah, you need to turn it on. Err, the button turns it on. Yeah, you do know how a button works, don't you? No, not on clothes.
    I wish I could play guitar. Most of my friends can :/

    Only 500 posters in the world? It must be a very special poster.
    It's a whole new place, with a brand new attitude XD

    That sounds nice too :) You could say it's busy near where I live because there's a train track running alongside the allotments. Trains go by day and night and the ground sometimes shakes like there's a mini earthquake XD

    D: don't worry! It might still be fixable. Like a mini message update XD

    XD I was lucky to be able to go, I got the last place on the trip O_O Epic Yarn is really fun! ^_^ I played co-op with this random guy, and we were throwing each other around XD There was a bit where you turned into a mega tank, and he moved and shot missiles while I fired out a giant punching arm XD

    Denholm: Anyone experiencing stress by the end of the day WILL BE FIRED!
    It's a whole new world we live in! Doo do doo do doo doo XD

    Yep :) It's quite spaced out as well, and there are lots of parks, fields and allotments. So it's not as cramped as a bigger city. What about your area?

    Sounds like I'm on about the right time then, because it's around 9:00am now. I'm guessing we need to swap friend codes and stuff XD

    I'll probably love it then XD I got to play Metroid: Other M yesterday! :D There was a college trip to the Eurogamer Expo in London, so I spent the whole day there with my friend trying out new demos and watching people play tournaments. I also played Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Kirby's Epic Yarn, Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Little Big Planet 2, to name a few. It was so awesome ^_^ that was my first ever expo! <3

    Roy: Hey! What is Jen doing with the Internet?
    Jen: Moss said I could use it for my speech.
    You've learned how to play it? Nice :)

    I started listening when Black Holes and Revelations came out too. I've heard all the albums except for the original, Showbiz. I'm going to try and get my hands on it.
    That's the user I forgot! :D

    Knights of Cydonia. I know it's cliche but that guitar solo is amazing. It would be Exo-Politics after that.

    When did you get into Muse?
    Each step, you climb XD

    It's pretty big. There are lots of streets and houses, and it's near the city centre.

    Okay XD I do think my teams are pretty good competitive wise. It's just I haven't fought anyone on Serebii yet XD Oh, what sort of time on the weekend? Because the timezone's probably different for me, and I'll have to work it out to GMT.

    Prime 2's the only one I haven't played yet. Soon as I get my 100% on Prime 1 I'll be ready to play it~

    Jen: I could do that, entertainments manager!
    Moss: It's not for you, Jen.
    Each time, you try XD

    Cool. I've always lived in the same area, just we've moved to other houses on the next street XD

    I'm no battle master, but I'll try my best XD the ones I use seem to work well on Battle Revolution anyway. Hearing you on mic will be weird XD

    <3 I can't wait to properly play through Prime 3 this time. Prime 1 has to be my favourite now though~

    Moss: Good morning, that's a nice tnetennba.
    I only know of three members too which includes me and you. I can't remember the third user :p

    Do you have a favourite song?
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