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  • Heh, I wouldn't mind seeing some of the old spriters back, but the problem is spriting is a dead art. So few mainstream games these days use it.

    But I've been decent, and you?
    Ah, well I never really accepted friend requests before, but I've been getting a decent few I didn't want to decline, so I just figured I'd send one to all the old fan sprite forum buddies.
    serris are u on it says ur doing a current activity. i was wonderign if u wanted to do a tourny match
    Yay, you're back! :D I know you've probably been very busy with uni and life, but I really missed talking to you <3. Glad to know you're alright ^_^

    I've been okay :3 just feeling a bit sick this week. Luckily I've got a week off to rest XD. I haven't done much for the last couple of months except for college and playing games XD. I'm really excited for Christmas cause I'm getting a 3DS~ My DS Lite got broken a couple months ago, so I've had to borrow my sis' one for a while now T_T. I've been playing Zelda: Skyward Sword like crazy too since I got it on release day XD I saved up all my money to get the limited edition package with the golden Wii Remote X3. Oh, and I finally got my shiny Oshawott on White! :D He's now an awesome Samurott~

    My second year at college's gone sort of crazy at the moment |D. After all our teachers left we only had one tutor left and he's been...not so good >_< we didn't get taught almost all of our assignments properly, and now we have loads of extra work to catch up. We've been doing some pretty fun lessons though.

    How've you been? :3.
    Especially friends like us :D

    So true, i know people who have a gap of about 5 years.

    Aww i'm sorry to hear that, i know it can be a pain.
    Well what are friends for?

    A year is a long time ;)

    I know why though, it was to make you look younger wasn't it?
    I've been alright, you know me just plodding along.

    I know it's shocking that we haven't talked more, i can't believe you kept it (hugs Motchell).

    So how are things going with the Miss?
    I realize this is a bit late, but I agree with Umbreon. There isn't a single former member of First Impact who blames you. You were a great clan leader, always extremely friendly, and First Impact was one of the most welcoming, well-managed clans I ever saw. I'm glad I got the time I did in your clan, and I offer you my sincerest thanks for it.
    Serris nobody blaims you at all. Nobody looks at you as a bad clan leader least of all me. You got tackled by the big thing called life. The same thing happened to me in 7ds when my brother got very ill to the point of almost death. Life, especially school is far more important then a forum about games. Everyone understood that, that was mature enough to. And the rest will someday. You wont let me down if you join if anything you will let me down if dont join in fear of letting me down. The whole reason i made the clan is to keep your group together rather then across serebii. You are welcome anytime.

    PS: If you want to make some banners for the clan like my previous one that would be a good way to prove your usefull ness to the clan if you did want to join. I have all the images and copy just not enough time to do them plus your better at it then me. Pm if you want to help out with this project I need 7 total.
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