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  • Searching far and wide XD

    I can't buy it either, at least not for a while. The money I used to buy the Metroid Prime Trilogy I had saved up from my birthday, so I won't be buying anything else anytime soon. I can't wait to see how big that poster is XD

    Well, I was only 5. You spill everything when you're 5 XD

    We'll be the very best XD hopefully we'll get some nice holiday breaks too~

    I've been playing Metroid Prime a lot XD I'm trying to 100% it first time through and I'm on 60% already XD

    Douglas: [on the phone] You could come over here, we could put on some music, I could give you a back rub, see what happens. Oh no, wait, I've got this guy coming over to watch a DVD, another time maybe, okay. Oh, and some chicken wings please, thank you.
    You're psychic, I swear! D: ...XD

    Damn right they are! XD But, I reaaally should be doing homework right now...It's gotta be done for tomorrow! XD

    Sounds good. :) What're you studying at Uni?

    Indeed I do...

    To train them is my cause *dun dun dun* XD

    Cool, does that mean you have the game now? :D I'd love to have the poster though. I have a small Metroid Prime Trilogy one I got from a magazine XD

    I love 64 carts. Even when you accidentally spill juice over them they work perfectly XD

    Yeah, I'm taking A-Levels, which are supposed to be really hard to do :O but if you have A-Levels it really helps in getting a good job. Ouch, assignments suck :( but you'll be able to get them done. We'll both do brilliantly :D And I hope I do get into that course~

    Haha, my mum just got one today XD

    Roy: *hungover* When did the English start drinking like that? You people drink like you don't want to live!
    The very best, that noone ever was XD

    Meta Knight would be nice. I wish they'd make some Metroid Merchandise. A Metroid plushie would be awesome, you could leave it on people's heads XD

    I got Paper Mario on Virtual Console, but to have the original N64 cart would be nice. I used to have a limited edition Pikachu N64, but it got sold years ago when Gamecube came out. It's still in the retro game shop in town though XD

    Speaking of exams, I'm in Sixth Form at the moment. There are exams in December :O but I've still got a chance to get into college, so I might still be able to take that gaming course :D

    The whole of space and time :D

    Moss: Does this sound mysterious?
    Jen: Yeah, yeah it's quite mysterious.
    Moss: I was hoping for ruddy mysterious...
    Omg I was just thinking about messenging you last night! I swear you can read my mind! XD I missed you too~!

    I'm good as usual, I'm off to Wembley on Friday!! :D But school starts the day before so I'm gonna have to bunk off Photography on Friday. >_< oh well, nevermind. I'd rather see Muse than talk about cameras! XD

    (btw, the message in my sig is fake. It's part of an in joke with a group of friends from the You're Banned thread. I'm still alive! :) )

    And how've you been, my friend?

    *takes breath* of the best of the best of the best of the best, of the best XD

    Aw, cool XD I have a Yoshi plushie and my little brother has a huge Kirby plushie XD

    Aaah, it was hard to get though XD the one I managed to win I got the highest bid on in the last 5 seconds XD hope I get it before the holiday ends.

    Last minute revision is much better than doing the same revision day after day and not having time to relax after school :)

    TV guides are the answer to everything for programmes XD

    Peter: It's filepeter@hotmail.com
    Roy: Filepeter? Why filepeter?
    Peter: Well File is my second name
    Roy: Oh right I see. Peter File.
    Moss: Whos a paedophile?
    Of the best of the best of the best XD

    It could've been the purple Pikmin. It's really strong or something XD

    I'm getting the Metroid Prime Trilogy! :D found one on Ebay for £31. I tried to buy one about 3 or 4 times and this person kept outbidding me, but I finally won one ^^

    Thanks ^_^ I never thought I'd get a B in History or a C in German, I was sure I'd fail them both O_O. Wow. Guess my last minute revision paid off XD All of my friends did well too. Someone was disappointed because they "only" got three A*s and loads of As XD

    Hmm :/ guess all you can do is wait and see then.

    Jen: If you type "Google" into Google, you can break the Internet. So please, no one try it, even for a joke. It's not a laughing matter. You can break the Internet.
    It is the best of the best XD

    Me too, or at least with Olimar. No matter how many Pikmins I pull out the ground, I can never win with him XD

    Got my grades :D but I've been so busy the last two days I haven't been able to get on to tell you XD I got 7 Bs and 4 Cs. I'm so happy ^^ The B's were for History, ICT, English (Literature and Language), Maths, Biology and Art. The Cs were RS, German, Chemistry and Physics. So all passes~

    Doctor Who didn't take too long to come on TV for you, so I reckon Sherlock should be on soon :D depends on what the BBC do I guess.

    Jen: Now, I'll be honest with you, the reason I got you round a bit early is to go over a few ground rules with you. If this evening is going to work in any way, you need to pretend to be normal people, yeah? Keep the conversation about things that would interest everybody. You know, nothing about memory or RAM.
    Moss: Memory is RAM!
    The Sitar would be great to have :D I love musical instruments~

    Choosing Random is fun, because you always end up with someone different :3 If you can use everyone well it works better though XD

    I've got my GCSE Results coming tommorow. I'm a little bit worried about failing :( I hope my grades are okay.

    Yeah, it's better to watch on TV. It won't crash or take ages to load XD

    Denholm: When i started Renholm Industries I had just 2 things in my possession. A dream and 6 million pounds. Today I have a business empire the like of which the world has never seen the like of which. I hope it doesn't sound arrogant, when I say that I am the greatest man in the world!
    It was really scary! And it still scares me now =_=

    The new pokemon looks so cool! I really like the cute deer :3
    Hehe. Demyx's Sitar would be a weird weapon too. Defeat your enemies by making water dance, or just play really bad music XD

    Nice :3 well, I use a lot of people in Brawl XD but those are my favourites~

    That's good then :D I'm happy the colours are a good match.

    I hope it airs too :D

    Douglas: Beth Gaga Shaggy, no relation to Lady Gaga, or Shaggy.
    Luxord: *snatches cards* MY precious Nobody cards!

    Nope, this'll be our first battle :D I'll be using my favourites: Bowser, Pokemon Trainer and Wolf XD

    If you're stuck in a tiny room with him XD Yeah, Other M looks amazing. I guess we'll find out what happens to Adam in this game with it being before Fusion. And woot, I just saw Ridley in a trailer :D

    I'm glad it looks okay :3 his chest/body is hard to draw :O Thanks ^^ I used a gold pen for the whole eye and made the pupil bit darker XD

    It's great to watch in the evening/at night, probably because it's mystery solving and stuff XD but make sure no one talks to you when you're watching it. You have to keep with the plot XD

    Moss: What kind of operating system does it use?
    Police: Err... its...Vista!
    Moss: We are going to die!
    You'd probably miss them, or the wind would blow them away or something XD

    Okay :D and I'll make sure I have time to battle XD

    I thought for sure Ridley was going to come to life when you find him frozen in the Sub-Zero Containment Room, but it was only for a second :( Still, X parasite form was huge and awesome, except for the super loud scream he makes at the beginning of the fight (I was using headphones at max volume XD) Wonder what kind of bosses Other M will have?

    Rawr, here be Ridley :3 I don't have a purple promarker pen (yet), so I used his Meta Ridley colours. He's different colours in different game artwork anyway :P



    It's even more original than our names! XD I'm pretty sure you will, the co producer was Steven Moffat who just happens to be head writer of Doctor Who at the moment :3

    Roy: Moss, how would you feel about a big girls night out?
    Moss: That depends Roy. How big are the girls?
    Haha, attack of the killer cards XD

    Yay :D we'll have to trade friend codes too at some point, then we can Brawl :3

    I like fighting Serris XD, Nightmare and Ridley-X. The Ridley-X fight isn't hard, but I still think the X parasite form was cool :D Well, Ridley is awesome anyways. I drew a picture of him, but I haven't posted it on my thread yet :P

    It's really new and it's only just started to be shown in America, so I thought you might not have seen it yet. Sherlock's played by a guy with an epic name, Benedict Cumberbatch XD and Martin Freeman is Watson. I've never heard of them before, but they're both brilliant. Here's a link to a fansite which has pics of them~


    Oh, whoops XD

    Roy: If anyone was ever rude to me, I used to carry their food around in my trousers.
    Jen: Oh my God! Before you brought it to their table?
    Roy: No, after! OF COURSE BEFORE! Why would I do it after?
    Honey, I missed you :x

    I saw Grudge 3 last week, it was sooooo scary, and not to mention I live alone in an apartment D: Today is Friday the 13th, you know?
    Heck yeah, but having any of Organization XIII's weapons would be brilliant enough :D. Good luck in your search soldier XD *waves flag*

    I used to play Mario Kart Wii Online every night, but we don't have it anymore because my dad traded it in for another game :( I play Brawl online though :D we should have a match sometime XD

    Oh yeah, I know that one. Should have been obvious being called Arachnoid XD Still, the security robot does a bit like a spider IMO XD I can stay in the water for a bit, but it doesn't help you hit it XD

    Sherlock was even shorter (The BBC series if you haven't seen it, it's really good ^_^). It was only three episodes and the next series won't be for a year at least O_O

    Jen: How can you two live like this?
    Moss: [typing] How can you two...
    Roy: Don't google the question, Moss!
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