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  • Sure is XD That'd be great thanks ^^ just knowing if any exist will be helpful XD

    Mario Kart on wifi is fun :D without the hackers anyway XD

    Is that the security robot? Staying in the corner really helped against it in the second fight, since it couldn't knock you down off the ceiling into the electrified water.

    The six episodes went by so fast XD

    Richmond: Do I AMAZE you?
    God. Mitchell. Ask you . For one favor. haha jk im good :) im actually really happy now...hmmm...go figure i have no reason to be haha my life sucks! lol jk its alright. I still wanna talk though!!!
    Mitch, with that wonderful guide you made me, I was able to make this team that functions great with steel. This team has...

    Hitmontop-life orb

    If you want me to list moves, thats cool.

    thanks sooo much man! <33
    Yeah, making the weapon yourself would be awesome :D whee, Zoroark plush <3 I wish I could find a Mightyena plushie somewhere. Or an Aerodactyl plushie. And I really wanna get a Raikou plushie too~

    That's good :3 and having WiFi and Xbox Live will be great.

    That's what I did more or less XD and yup, it's Plasma Beam. I found that being in the bottom left corner of a room helps dodge boss attacks a lot in Fusion XD

    Season 4 of the IT Crowd just finished last week :(

    Roy: Fredo, in the film, he was essentially a pimp.
    Moss: No, he took the ring to Mordor.
    Hey there! I've been pretty good lately. Somehow disappointed with how my summer turned out but that's alright. I did a few productive things and tried spending more time here.

    Hopefully you're good too. :D
    Oh XD would've been good if you could have bought it though.

    That's really expensive for a modem O_O and if you can get that cheaper one which has tons more GB, I'd for it~ I was thinking of asking for a laptop for Christmas, but I'm thinking it would be better to get a really good desktop computer instead, with a lot more memory and storage space XD We got a wireless router free with a TV package. It's great because we can use it for the Wii, PS3 and DSes :D when you're trying to restore the power to to the BSL Space Station and you have to run past the SA-X I was all "afdasfajhdbhsgfdtf!" when I could only freeze it for a second. I was playing late at night and woke up my bro XD Nightmare is awesome :3 took a lot of missiles to kill too. When you need to hit its spinning thing, I just stood underneath it and kept firing with my 150+ missiles XD

    Moss:I came here to drink milk and kick ***. And I've just finished my milk.
    God Mitchell Im going to come live with you.....i hate it here. I hate it I hate it I hate it. fml. please come save me. or you can kill me. your choice......
    well for one, i miss you <33333333333333333!! and second, I need help countering a steel team. See, I entered a pokemon league on another website and I am having trouble taking it down. it is my last badge so it means a lot to get it. What I am trying to say is that I need help building a team that completely counters steel. Since I know steel is where u shine you could help.
    Yay ^^ and that's a shame :(

    Aww :( when I don't have internet, it's usually because someone else is on the computer, and there are a lot of people in my house and only one computer XD the SA-X is creepy. I tried to attack it once when it came down a tunnel, big mistake XD

    Jen: I hate to remind everyone, but I just destroyed a merger that probably took hundreds of years to set up, the office is on fire, Denholm is furious, so can we please, please, concentrate on what's important, and HELP ME ON WITH MY SHOES!
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