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  • As a result of inactivity between August 22 and the time of this message, your claim on Deoxys on Claim A Pokemon 5.0 has been dropped.
    For feral chaos the best weapon is patience and Terra Branford X3. Get her to level 100 and ignore the bonus line for the level 95 one. Try your best to get the equipment Maduin's Horn, Seyditz, Royal Crown, and Rainbow Robes. Make sure you master her basic support abilities as far they can go. (IE. speed boost ++, Jump Boost ++. etc), and most importantly the Extra ability EXP to HP which will make any hp damage you do to him regain as much hp respectively in case he is actually able to hit you (which wont be often if you follow this stradegy). For accessories uses your best boosters you (pre-ex revenge, pre-guard, after summon, hp=100% are all good ones to use just make sure you dont exrevenge or guard in fact you should just turn guard off cuz you wont need it) and use the basic accessories Sniper Eye, and Bravery Orb, if you have one use the beserker ring.

    Ps: in dissidia, I've gotten everyone to level 100 besides feral chaos gotten almost all the lv 100 equips (currently working on getting the excalibur 2, and finishing the adamant set).

    After playing with all the characters my official mains turned very different then originally anticipated (besides terra due her being a goddess agaisnt f chaos)

    They are warrior of light, firion, emporeror, terra, tifa, zidane, and prishe. When I'm just messing around I use exdeath just cuz badass, or cloud of darkness because who doesn't enjoy a half-naked skitzofrenic psychopath with crotch tentacles. Lol
    Hey serris, I know it must feel like I abandoned the clan. Rest assured this is not the case, the interenet situation has gotten very complicated. Supposedly in a week we are getting dsl, only snag is because the laptop is still in the shop, I have to pray the router dousn't. Need to be recalibrated. Just know ill do everything I casn to revive the clan when I get back.
    *runs out of space again XD* Thankyou! ^_^ I did have a great day~ Apart from Brotherhood, I got £60, a £15 voucher card and three books from the Inheritance Cycle; Eragon, Eldest and Brisingr. If you haven't heard of the series, it's about Dragon Riders, Elves and Dwarves :3. Its sorta like The Lord of The Rings, but I think it's awesome <3.
    Well my house isn't anything special, but I just like it XD its kinda cosy and pretty big. The kitchen's small, but we have a massive living room and three bedrooms :3 my little brother and parents have their own rooms, and I share mine with my sis XD. They definitely are XO I'm pretty lucky that my course only has assignments to do, or I'm sure I'd find it a lot harder. And okay :) I'm really glad for you two ^_^. When it first came out I wasn't too bothered to get one, but then I saw a couple people in my class playing them. After I had some goes on theirs I wanted my own XD plus there's the Ocarina of Time remake <3. It's only 9 days now :D. One of my friends has the first Dissidia X3 when I play on hers I usually be Squall, Sephiroth or Zidane~ *googles piercings* they do look nice :3.

    Ah, thanks <3 I sure hope so. Yeah, it would be if you have a lot of specific things to cover. We haven't done anything on game music yet :O it's weird, its like the only thing we haven't looked at at all. It was :3 of course you can see the poster! <3 here you go~

    You DEFINITELY should play an Assassin's Creed game if you get the chance :D I didn't get to play all of no 1, but no 2 is amazing <3 it has a lot more to it than the first one~ Brotherhood is great too :3 and it has online multiplayer where you have to assassinate each other. Its fun XD. I hope we both get our shinies soon! :D after Oshawott I want to hunt Purrloin and Larvesta~
    SERRIS! :D I've missed you loads <3 It feels like it's been forever since we last talked!

    The new house sounds great~ my Mum's been looking for a new house for the last month or so, but I'd be happy just staying where we are now XD. Aw, Uni sounded like it was pretty tough, especially with all those essays and assignments you had to do. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll do great on everything the second time round ^^ you'll know what you need to do now so that'll help a lot. Wow, you're engaged? That's amazing news! :D I hope you guys will be happy together ^_^ when's the big day gonna be? I'll be sure to congratulate you properly then~ Aah, I want a 3DS so badly XO I've begged my parents to get me one for Christmas, so it'll be my only present. I wish I had a PSP to play Dissidia though, and I still need to play Birth by Sleep...yep, you told me you got your lip pierced XD I had no idea you could get piercings on your collarbone XD.

    I've been pretty good :3 I finished my first year at college so now I'm on holiday till September. I haven't had my grades back yet, so I don't know how good/bad I've done. I don't even know if we'll get our grades, cause three of our four teachers have left O_O. The last thing we did was create something for Sonic's 20th Anniversary, which was really fun <3 I made a little sprite poster for it. I think I did alright, I hadn't made anything with sprites for ages X3. Since college finished I've finally been able to relax and play all the games I have XD I got Assassin's Creed Brotherhood on my birthday and I've mostly been playing that. It's awesome <3 I'm STILL trying to get a shiny Oshawott on White, I've hatched over 1000 eggs now XD. I never thought it would take so long. I haven't even finished White yet! Nothing much else has happened I think...not that I can remember right now anyway XD.

    So sorry for replying late too <3. Oops, I ended up typing even more than you XD
    hey man sorry I had to leave the clan, thanks for everything you guys have done for me, and I hope you guys continue to prosper
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