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    Sorry for any inconvenience with this and sorry for any lost posts.
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  • The black loading screen exists, but doesn't seem long to me. It's not an immediate load, but I can't tell any difference between it and XYORAS.

    The first noticeable lag was when a Totem summoned aid. It was noticeable, but for me inconsequential. Easy to ignore. Only happened with the Totem, had no noticeable lag when non-Totems summoned aid.

    I bought this game with a friend, who has the New XL 3DS. We booted the game up together, read the dialog out loud together, so on and so forth.

    We split after getting our starters and a couple catches to Lv 8, but in all that time in which we were both on the same railroad tracks, she never had to wait for my 2DS to catch up.
    Hi! Thanks for answering. I am glad there seem to be no visible performance issues sofar when playing on 2DS. I will probably have the game in December. So, until then, could you keep me informed about any performance issues that you notice, if any? I would really appreciate if you tell me, when you have time to try them, do you notice any performance issues, slowdowns, lag, etc on the following:

    - Battle Royal battles
    - Battle Tree Single, Double and Multi battles
    - the loading screens when entering/exiting buildings
    - the black screen when a battle starts
    -the black screen when a battle ends

    Thank you in advance!
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