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    Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

    I'm so disappointed, I really liked the starters and the legendaries as soon as I saw them. These new ones on the other hand... The only one I like is the Pigeon, Memepato. The mouse, the maniatic ape, the zebra and the crocodile are below good. And the other two, the gears and the pink thing...
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    Best/Worst and Favorite/Least Favorite Pokemon FROM EACH TYPE!

    Type Best Worst Bug Scizor Kricketot Dark Crawdaunt Nuzleaf Dragon Kingdra Dragonite Electric Raikou Luxio Fire Blaziken Chimchar Fighting Hitmonlee Primape Flying Staraptor Dragonite Ghost Dusclops...
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    Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

    The otter is the Water starter not the Grass one, it's obvious for the shell in its belly. I think the fire-starter is great, I like it more than any other Fire-starter with the exception of maybe Torchic. The grass one is just good, not nearly as good as Bulbasaur, Treecko or Turtwig. The...
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    Best leaving scene?

    Arbok and Weezing's departure was the most sad, not only because they were there from the beginning but also because they left with tears on their eyes while JJM were being brutally attacked by Tyranitar, and they couldn't do anything because they had to save the Ekans and Koffings, and they...
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    Official HG/SS Recent Happenings Thread - [READ THE FIRST POST]

    My Hitmonlee was dancing around because he found a shiny leaf while training at the cliff where there are Miltank and Ditto (He also was fearful about the cliff :O). As soon as he catches up with his teammates I'll be battling L.T. Surge.
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    Your Newest Card

    I got Tangrowth Lv. X and Shiny Bagon from the same booster pack :)
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    Good to hear from you again. Yeah, I haven't had much time to get into the forum for the last...

    Good to hear from you again. Yeah, I haven't had much time to get into the forum for the last months since there's been a lot going through, like me entering college or my travel to Japan.
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    How ARE Dittos made?

    Size has nothing to do with asexual reproduction being plausible or not, queen bees give birth to male bees w/o being fecundated, most Plantae have haplo-diplontic life cycles, not to mention that some Cnidaria, Mollusks and Echinoderms can generate new individuals from pieces of themselves. The...
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    Pokemon Awards V.3

    Now, for the last part of this award, there's going to be a face-off in a face-off! The face-offs: Lance vs. Steven and Gary vs. Cynthia. Again, the best elite four member is going to be a champion. Vote for the one you want to advance! I vote for Cynthia and Steven. Lance~3...
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    Pokemon Awards V.3

    Best elite four member. Hurt and heal 6. 5 and 10. First 5 to 150 advance or first 5 to 0 are eliminated. 5x Hurt- Karen 5x Heal- Lucian 10x Heal- Steven 10x Hurt- Bruno Lucian~106 Bruno~52 Steven~54 Karen~90 Drake is out! (Just when I was going to 10x heal him!)...
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    Pokémon Impersonations II

    Today I drew some on paper which I may paint and upload tomorrow. Good idea, it's already fixed. No, but it's the one which more looks like a turtle other than the others I used and their evos. Regarding Goofy, I thought I had to make one, but I couldn't think of a Pokémon to use. And as...
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    Pokemon Awards V.3

    Best elite four member. Hurt and heal 5. 1, 5, and 10. First 5 to 150 advance or first 5 to 0 are eliminated. 1x Heal-Gary 1x Hurt-Karen 5x Heal-Bertha 5x Hurt-Bruno 10x Heal-Cynthia 10x Hurt-Flint Lucian~85 Bruno~70 Cynthia~105 Drake~84 Steven~75 Lance~77 Karen~69...
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    Pokemon Awards V.3

    Nominations are open. I nominate Bertha. 1. Lucian 2. Bruno 3. Cynthia 4. Drake 5. Steven 6. Lance 7. Karen 8. Flint 9. Gary/Blue 10. Bertha I agree with shy taillow about the champions.
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    Pokemon Awards V.3

    Best elite four member is fine to me aswell.
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    Pokemon Awards V.3

    The final. Ditto vs. Xatu vs. Sudowoodo. first one to 15 is the weirdest pokémon. I vote Ditto Ditto~13 Xatu~13 Sudowoodo~12