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  • But do you want me to? You know seeing as you worked so hard on it, maybe we could print it out and put it on the fridge? Would you like that?
    I was going through some things afew days back, I was feeling abit nostalgic

    Then I went on Maxie's profile and saw that and it made me laugh
    The DM one is good for flaming but the Max one was funnier and slightly more offensive in my opinion
    "Hey Maxie can I ask you a favor? I need some extra money dude, you mind if I sell you and brother to Kony's child army?" Seviper24

    Ok whether or not you like me, that's pretty ****ing funny

    I tip my hat to you
    Not that I will, it's that you should.

    I love how you're continuing this even after like a month of ****.

    You think you're so mature and witty, don't you? But tell me this; is tehre a quivering wreck sitting behind this computer screen and hiding behind a thick screen of CoD?

    Because I think tehre is. I think there really is.
    Umm...I love how you're the one saying noody gives a ****, when in reality, if you died tomorrow, nothing whatsoever would change, and nobody at all would care.

    You're nothing; absolutely ****ing nothing, alright? You really just aren't good for anything besides being a waste of space. Sooner you know that, the better. :)
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