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  • now hang on he didn't brainwash me

    IF HE DID then i would hate both games

    infact,to me...they're superior for single play

    FAR superior

    I just find them to be alot more fun than BO when solo

    I haven't had an mw2 party in a while though so maybe i shouldn't be talkin bout it xD

    but mw3...i like that game...it has flaws like they all do...but i find it fun

    so brainwashed? NAH i just share some opinions
    MW3 in a party though....god it's just a complaint fest

    maybe cos i party with people in USA but we all lag and rage after the game

    so we only ever play black ops as a party

    mw2...oh god thatd be horrible in a party o_o
    That game is pretty good nowadays

    As I said in a 2+person party it really is beast ops

    Went to wager match with 4 others in a party
    Almost had the last one to make a full lobby

    Eh well point is it's awesome
    Yes it's pretty good

    MW2 is also good and even black ops is

    Black Ops is the most fun in a party on xbox
    just found out I've got nowhere to go in life and I'm now going to resort to insulting random people on the internet. #Sev'sPinkGayDiary
    Just laugh at it you say?
    Dear sir, you realise you are just a failure of a person and a troll. Either learn to troll better or stop attacking children.
    I find it hilarious how you judge me when I'm the one who's seena picture of you, and trust me look so ****ing nerdy.
    Says the guy who started flaming Axil for no apparent reason.

    Oh and you look way more like a nerd than I do, js.
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