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  • Uxie is 100% UT no cheats or hacks modest nature
    level 50 caught in heal ball moves are psychic, energy ball, charge beam, amnesia i am going to see how the judge rates it
    I've had those for quite a while now. :) Sorry. Actually, is the Uxie 100% flawless? If so, I might want that. My current one has a 30 in HP.
    All right. That doesn't really help me much. Thanks for your time! If you get any that are untrained, I'd be interested in them, so just shoot me a message.
    Are any of your shinies able to be nicknamed, and are they flawless?

    If so, I've got several dozen different events to choose from.
    Okay, of what is in your sig, I want the following if they are untouched:

    Mew (I VERY MUCH want this...I sincerely hope it's UT); Squirtle; Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit; Beldum; Nidoran; Lapras; Vulpix; Zubat.

    Those are the ones I most like. But let me know which, if any, are untouched from your list. Thanks!
    Can you reply on my Profile? :) Otherwise, I don't get an alert that you replied to me, so I had no idea these were here. :)

    I'm going to look at your signature again and see what Shinies I like.
    i would love some of those events like the 10ANIV Celebi and the WIN2011 Celebi I do like that Lugia we need to set some times to trade my time is gmt-6 and i can trade around 8am to 2pm weekdays if you dont see me at first wait for a while in there i am doing this during school and using their wifi
    I very much like some of your listed Shiny pokemon. LMK if you need/want any of the following older events:

    10ANIV Lugia
    (Arceus caught in a Cherish Ball, but I'm not sure what event it is)
    10ANIV Articuno
    (Jirachi caught in a Cherish Ball, but I'm not sure of the event)
    10ANIV Celebii
    10ANIV Suicune
    Gamestp Deoxys
    10ANIV Entei
    10ANIV Ho-Oh
    (Darkrai caught in a Cherish Ball, but I'm not sure of the event)
    10ANIV Latios
    10ANIV Latias
    WIN2011 Celebi
    10ANIV Pikachu
    10ANIV Dragonite
    10ANIV Tyranitar
    10ANIV Umbreon

    I might have more, too, but those were easiest for me to find right away. :)
    WIN2011 Celebi
    @ darkrai i would lovee the celebi to get me a zorua of my ownn sure will trade my fc is n my signature post back what u want and ur fc plus what ur times are my time is gmt-6
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