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  • thats fine :) im actually having Wi-fi troubles at the moment so i probably wont be able to trade for a few days any way :/ but np on the Machop and ill send over another Tesla too :) good luck with your presentations and quiz!
    no problem ill just post in the forums :p thanks for all of your help either way though :D so what did you want for the Barboach? Oh and did you ever find Tesla?
    when you finish the Barboach do you think you could get me a male Arron with Endeavor, Head Smash, Stealth Rock, and Superpower? You would need to breed a Cranidos with the Arron. Cranidos learn Head Smash through leveling up, and the other 3 moves are tutor moves. I know your busy so you dont need to rush, or you can just say no if your too busy and i can post on the forums :p Just thought i would ask you first though since you have helped me out a lot :)
    you were close though, you probably just missed your PID frame :p it should be easy from there.

    If you on again within the next few hours i should be free to send you another Tesla (i will be eating at some point though so i might be on and off)
    Oh cool :) i didnt know you RNGed. I knew you were trying, but i dont know if you ever sucessfully got one done or not :p
    at your leisure, and if you dont mind, do you think you could get me a male Barboach with Thrash, Hydro Pump, Dragon Dance, and Earth Power? The first three moves are egg moves from Gyarados and Earth Power is a move tutor move. Also, do you by chance happen to have a DWf Barboach?

    Wow I am terribly sorry D:! Honestly I am. I feel bad. I was editing my shop and the forums kept trolling me so I had to do it over 3 times and took me forever and I didn't even check my VMs.
    i did, i already finished RNGing the Lileep and wingull :p if you need another clone just let me know and i will send one over though :)
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