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  • I was just in the plaza and it kept giving me error messages over and over so I had to disconnect. I think it's working now so I'm hopping back online!
    Oh wait, you know what? I managed to trade for a Love Eevee with its HA, so let me breed one of those for you. I guess it's a good thing we didn't trade earlier. :p
    Whoops, sorry I missed you. I'm here now if you are.

    I'll have to look into OneDrive/Cloud etc for extra backup. Not that I need it... I already have my work saved on two flash drives and two computers. XD I'm constantly having to update files as I change them.
    Okay cool, yours are ready too :D

    lol, my artwork is top secret and I'm always paranoid someone's gonna steal it or my ideas. I keep backups everywhere in case I lose anything or mess up my computers as well :p
    *checks your list on the thread* Oooh... I'll take a Friend Eevee in addition to the Litwick. I'll start breeding the Love Eevee/Salandit now.

    See, this is exactly why I don't have internet on my laptop. XD I use it strictly for work, so I don't want it getting any viruses and junk. It's also nice because I'm not constantly distracted by the internet. ;P
    Glad it's working then! I think my computer died after a severe malware attack. I was able to get rid of the malware, but it seemed to do so much damage that it just doesn't work right anymore.

    Thanks, but I was already traded a Moon Vulpix. :D I already have two Vulpixes now, and because of apricorn balls being rarer, I'm going to keep my collection limited to those I would actually train and use competitively (like I originally intended in 6th gen until my collection just got out of hand lol).
    Are you still looking for a Love Ball Salandit? I was able to get a Love Eevee on the GTS so I went ahead and used my love ball on a Salandit. I'll trade you for a Moon Litwick.
    Eww D: I feel your pain. I have a computer that just won't boot up anymore. It turns on, but it forces a partial system restore every time and sometimes freezes in the process. I want to do a complete system restore on it but apparently you can't do that to Windows Vistas without uninstalling the OS or something... I dunno. Someone needs to invent a computer that actually WORKS. xD
    Male Honedge please! And a male Snivy is fine, I'll breed for my own female later. Also your pokemon are bred for whenever you're next online!

    Haha well I asked because I really don't know what to catch with those and maybe I'll get some ideas. Ah well, I'll figure it out.
    Yeah me too, I'd rather go for my favorites since apricorn balls are so limited now. Any requests for a Fast Ball, Lure Ball, or Level Ball pokemon then? I don't know what I'd want to use those on.
    I checked out the GTS last night to see if I could get some more apricorn ball pokemon, now that we can see which ball they're in, yay! Unfortunately since I didn't have much to offer, I couldn't get anything. I'll look around for a Vulpix and other Sun exclusives I can't catch myself.
    Oh wow, that's awesome then! So far I've only bred that one Bounsweet so I still have more testing to do.

    Ah right, forgot about Heavy Magnemite being available in HGSS >_< I was thinking about transferring Moon Cubone and whatever else could be obtained there, but I forgot about Magnemite. I'd say I wasted my Heavy Ball, but I had looked through the list of other pokemon I'd like in a Heavy Ball and none stood out to me, so that's okay.

    For now we can trade the Bounsweet and Honedge, and I'll try chaining some HA Eevees for one of your Snivys. Maybe I'll catch something else later for a Litwick... Level Cutiefly maybe?
    Hmm, I didn't think Snivy can get its HA+friend ball combo because I *think* only males can pass the ball when breeding with a Ditto? :/

    Moon/Love Balls are my favorites too :3 I plan to use my Love Ball on a HA Eevee for Pixilate Sylveon and Magic Bounce Espeon. That might be hard though... thank goodness we don't have to wait for a female to appear, lol. As for my moon ball, I want to save it for a HA Rowlet if and when that becomes available so I can MM a shiny Decidueye in a moon ball. :D If it just never becomes available (or comes as an event or something), I might use it on Mimikyu.
    I did catch and breed a couple Friend Bounsweets and I just caught a Heavy Magnemite if you're willing to trade one for a Heavy Honedge :D and if you want both, I'd like a Moon Litwick when you get it. Would that be a fair trade though? I've never used Island Scan and don't know how much work you have to go through to get pokemon from it.
    Hi Shade! I hear you have a Friend Ball Snivy OwO I'm guessing Contrary is incompatible with it right now though? I don't have anything good to offer you for it anyway (though I'm thinking of using my Friend Ball on a Bounsweet if you need/want one). I was just wondering if you've been able to catch any pokemon with hidden abilities because I'm not having any luck with that right now.
    Can do! Ahh I see, you had asked for that flawless Ditto before tho so I was curious (I'm still considering RNG in 5th Gen so I'll keep it in mind for then). I feel that! I want to make my original Absol from my Sapphire game good so I could use her, though I guess we'll see what happens to Mega Absol in the new meta. @w@ Heh thanks! It'll just take time. I really only need it for Mageana and I can't redeem it yet anyway (QR code only works after I beat the E4 @@).
    But I mean, it's useless for breeding. Still viable in battling tho. Once I get my games organized I'll get back to ya on it!
    OH MAN I freaked out when I realized I had gotten them, they are like the coolest things! Currently I'm unable to clone tho (no info on how to do it yet), and once I can I'll probably just trade them as a bonus anyway. If people want massive amounts then I might charge something, but tbh I don't know what that would be. All I'd want are Shinies and that sounds a little steep for items. Oh well, I'll think about it.
    Hi hi! Just wanted to let you know, now that we have more info on Hyper Training and found out that it doesn't actually change IVs (see the bottom of the IV page or the Hyper Training page), we'll have to figure something else out for Lugia. Super bummed as this means I don't get to pay a lot for the service (it'll probably be free haha). Let me know what else you might want! @w@
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