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  • Sorry for the wait, I had a bit of confusion with another trader. @w@ I'll have Raspberry cloned and ready pretty soon!
    Oh yeah, you needed it cloned! Let me know how many clones you wanted and send me a trade request when yer ready~
    Oh my, those happen to be my favorite Shinies in all of the world~ Definitely let me know as I wouldn't mind cloning them and also trading a lot for them if you'd like! c:
    Heh thank you! The two nicknamed ones will get lots of love for sure, and I'll try to use the others for something too! (They're sticking with me either way; I don't intend to WT them off.)

    No prob! Let me know if you succeed in other Shinies, I'm always ready for new ones. ;3
    Lol, I originally made all my Absols for random trading but it's not worth it. Now I just use "Hello", "Thank you" and "I love it" haha.

    Anyway thank you so much!! I think I'll send Morrowseer up to my Moon game when it comes in from the US; it'll b quite fitting. ;3
    Cool, I have him cloned and will send him over on the return trade if that's alright~ I've marked both of them, so if you could nickname the one missing Attack (the first one I'll send over) Arctic and the one missing SpA (the second one) Morrowseer that could be perfect! Thank ye! c:
    Oh not at all! I did check them and one of the 5IV ones is missing attack so it's perfect! (That one I'll actually turn into a Glaceon, also looks cool in a Moon Ball. ;3) Competitive Umbreon needs a different nature tho so I'm just choosing one from this batch to become one for my personal use, no need to exchange them!
    Heeeeey, so I may have kinda bonded with a couple of these Eevees and want to train them. Would you be willing to nickname them? Just two of them, and I'd trade you something if you'd like haha. (One of these is 5IV so I don't mind paying!)
    Haha no problem! Trading is my passion so I don't mind. Dialga is also one of my favorite Shinies so I'm super excited to have one I could use. ;3
    What's this about not legal? Does battling have some sort of ball restriction I never knew about?! :0
    Got it! It'll be just a few minutes (as I'm cloning for another person as well). Heh, I always enjoy Eevees. ;3 The moon Ball is exciting! I feel the need for one to become an Umbreon.
    Oh yeah, how many clones did you guys want of each? I can't remember if it was 2 plus original or 3 plus original. Any number is fine really!
    Excellent! I do have everything cloned for the both of you so I'll be online in jsut a couple minutes~
    Cool! Unfortunately I have just gotten on for the night, but fortunately I can hang around longer because tomorrow is a national holiday! I&ll check to make sure everything is cloned for both you and Wind!
    AHA that explains that. Funny cuz it's like a triangle trade as I am also getting both. ;3 I forgot to ask if he wanted it under non-redis, so I'll VM him on that. (If it's non-redis then I'll take a nickname, I could use them on a team together haha.)

    Oh I getcha! just wanted to suggest EKZ cuz he's been looking for one for ages and he'd probably really appreciate it. He's also an established trader and actually follows non-redis rules (unlike many trainers I7ve run into lol). No pressure obviously, just wanted to put in a good word! c:
    Hi hi! I forgot to ask, is the other person yer trading Dialga to EKZ1505? If not, he's another user on here that's been looking for a NNable ORAS Shiny Dialga for ages, so I wanted to point you to him! (You said trading it is special, but he'll also non-redis I'm sure.) He's got an amazing collection of Shinies and stuff so maybe you two can work something out as well!
    HAH, oh no I got it. Its dumb but it still got a laugh outta me! I'm easy tho so not sure it counts. xP
    Oh weird, I'm pretty sure turning the volume down muted it in the past. Guess it's different for 3DS? Thank ye too!! Let me know what the other event will be! c:
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