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  • Welcome. xD and they definatly are. :O. And the best part is is that they're never porn like somethings on danborru are >_>...

    danborru can have some awesome pictures, but theres those pictures that are...lol
    You posted on your page. I don't like it when that happens to me. It is nice of you that you took some time off to copy\paste the same thing on my page. If you hadn't done so then I wouldn't have known that you replied. I apologize for my bad English, in case I write something wrong, since I am not getting enough time to speak or write and that is leaving my language skills bad.

    Well I know a little about surface texturing. I studied a little about it, maybe just one paragraph, in light sensitive diodes. Nice revision I got there.

    I can understand about them hiring people from different fields. Semiconductors is a topic that falls into lot of different subjects. I have studied about them in both Physics and Chemistry. One of my favorite subjects.

    Career, well tbh I am little lost in here. I will soon be completing my Engg in Computers but I don't wanna work in this field anymore. It doesn't appeal me anymore, I find it really boring nowadays. So I am not sure what I am gonna do after that. Semiconductors appeal me but there is not much career in this field in my home country. I hope I find something soon.
    We work with semiconductors. We do all sorts of different experiments. Right now we are doing some 'surface texturing' experiments. What it means is we roughen up the surface to capture more of the light that falls on the panel. That way you increase the efficiency of the panels.

    Yes, i did Electrical and Electronic engineering. but here they hire people from all different areas. We have material engineers, chemical engineers, physicists and so on. As long as you have the basic understanding of how solar panels work (PV systems, solar thermal systems etc) you can get a job here. At least that's how it is in Australia.

    Are you planning to start a career in this field?
    I bet it is. What type of solar panels do you make? As far as I remember there are the silver compound one and then there are the semiconductor one. I found your job quite interesting. Since senior secondary school I had an interest in Semiconductors. In my final year I lost the physics project of semiconductor materials to a girl who happen to have picked it up before me but her project was really bad. I made one of thermistor then.

    Anyway, about the topic, what did you do in your studies to get such a profession? Electronic Engineering?
    Yes I knew that. The exams are not going well. I had a exam today and it was a hell of a experience. We have to do 5 questions in three hours and I only did 3. Thats really bad. One numerical got me off guard and took nearly 1.5 hours of my time.
    So what do you do in Australia? I mean what type of work?
    They started the year with one heck of an episode, didn't they? Too bad I can't watch it... Yet. :<
    Happy New Year.
    So whats new this year? Any plans?
    I don't post much these days but I still gather enough time to come here once in a while.
    wow! Thank you so very much!!! I was not aware of these previews. When did these get released?
    According to Youtube, yesterday.
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