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  • Decided to say this here so as not to clog up the Fakemon Club: I see where your coming from with the lack of hybrids in Pokemon, I'd also noticed how they hardly ever use classical mythical creatures like Griffins and Centaurs, though Vaporeon is by no means the only one - the Gligar line are obviously mixes of bats and scorpions, the Mankey line are classed as the Pig Monkey pokemon (though tbh the nose is the only piggish part) and anyway it's all besides the point as Ampifear is just a different kind of dragon, not a hybrid legend in its true sense, if you see what I mean. I'm glad though that my ability to refute arguments has been recognised. XD (Though I have a feeling it may just be a manifestation of my extreme stubbornness ^^")
    Hey buddy.
    I have found out that Shogakukan's "Spoiler" Comic comes out every first day of month. (Not every 3 month like I told you before)

    Sorry about giving you wrong information.
    I haven't started writing it yet but no, I'm not even thinking of stopping! School just makes things way slower that's all...
    I've posted chap 5 of Pokemon LX, you said you liked chap 3 and that you'd keep reading so I thought you might be interested to know about the update. Post a comment if you read it, kay?
    I don't want to get infracted, so..
    All righty, thanks. It WOULD get boring if it was constant.
    I really don't want Jun to get Snorlax(though ther's a very good cjance that he will!). I don't want him to have another pokemon that Ash already have. He already has got hera, staraptor - I don't want anymore repeating of pokemon.
    I don't wanted Ash to have a Staraptor, but looks like it's confirmed it will evolove. Staraptor Vs. Staraptor league battle looks soo boring. Isn't it?
    *Sigh* I dunno, I don't feel like posting as long as long as I don't get permanent internet connection.

    Uttara is certainly the worst place in Dhaka to have brodband connection, they just take all the money but doesn't serve us well, I doubt baba will give me connection next month unless we move to any other place :(
    Not really, I don't think I'll be able to get rid of it soon.

    She did? That's good and I also think she's pretty. XD
    Idk, CN in the Indian Subcontinent does a lot of stupid things according to me...

    Personally I believe High Touch is pretty good and of course better than Together. It appears to me more lively than Together and I love the song ^^

    Probably they revealed Mamoswine because they somehow assumed that majority of the fans know the purpose of Swinub in Dawn's team.

    I believe they'll be showcasing the next evolution in the opening just 2 or 3 episodes before that actually happens.
    I'm fearing they'll take a long break betweeb BF and DP saga. Sure hope I'm wrong...

    Hey, what's the link of your FB profile?

    BTW, what's your opinion on High Touch?
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