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  • That's exactly what I was thinking. The SSC which is waiting for me is 1000 times more important than this scholarship exam.

    And yeah, I am somewhat always ill. Mostly because of my immunity system is very low (not having tonsils and all). I catch cold very easily with also having that stupid cold alergy. BTW, our Form Teacher at Milestone (where I read) calls me 'Baromashi' as in sickness. :D

    Baba doesn't get sick usually, I dunno what happaned...

    Currently I'm fighting with YT to watch all of the episodes I've missed, it's a hard work. :p

    And Munia Appi was wondering if you have an account in FB, because she has one.
    LOL Shakirbhai. I'm just paying tribute to Ash's as it's so freakin' cool.

    I had to vanish because of the scholarship test, but all of my hard work payed of (I suppose), the exams were excellent. But it's still not good enough to get a scholarship 'cause there's Rajuk College here which'll take all of them.

    The Eid was mixed, I'm personally not well, caught a cold along with low fever. Baba (my dad) is not well either.

    How was your Eid?

    P.S: Do you have an account at Facebook?
    Hey shac, I just noticed the Pigeot pic in your signature. It's wonderful! =D

    Are there other Pokemon from the same artist/site, do you know?
    Oh, no, pardon me. That wasn't a suggestion, that was a link to a thread we have in General Pokemon Discussion. It's the Create Your Own Anything thread, and its purpose is for any creative designs or changes to places, people, items, and Pokemon that people think up. I closed your thread because the type of responses you were requesting already belong in the aforementioned stickied thread. I apologize for the confusion; you weren't being foolish at all. ^_^;
    Always liked Prof. Oak....and then the celebii movie came out and I thought if I was in Pokemon world, I would have been just like Sam...

    What do u have for me??.....can't wait....
    Wow Shakirbhai, since when did you start liking Sam?
    And I have something for you, you'll get it through PM soon. ;)
    Oh, you sure are under pressure^^; Well, best of luck from me ^_^

    That seasonal diarrhea got me with somewhat old dysentery, as well as serious pressure of the scholarship coaching class, so I'm barely alive. XD We had a model test just a few days ago, and our results were just incredible err... HORRIBLE. You know, the girl who stood first got 67%! Me? Never ask, but I did horribly terrible as well... ._.;

    Um, excuse for it? We can't get suited with the new scholarship style exams, as well as extra pressure, we'll all go insane like Chimmy in no time if we have to study so much.(teachers are saying we have to study more and more while time goes on!) And my own excuse would be the sickness... gah.

    This is also preventing me from posting here. :/

    Another model test is coming after summer vacation (which is only five days :( ), I believe you'll pray for me^^

    See you later. Bhalo theko.
    Hi Shakirbhai, why don't you come to the chat anymore? Too busy with studies and stuff, I suppose? Sickness and studies are killing me as well as I can't watch the episodes well since DP 77-78 :( YT is screwed for some odd reason in my computer....
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