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  • Thanks pal! You are my only choice of a reviewer now left, as my regular one seems to avoid me for some reason...

    As per usual, I will only accept reviews in VMs or PMs.
    Hey! How are you? Could you do a review for BlackWhite: Season XY's Unown - Chapter One? I need one ASAP.

    By the way, pity you decided to discontinue your fic. I liked the whole concept of trying to uncover Deoxys's potential origins.
    Some sort of announcement but whatever...

    Because of yesterday's CoroCoro reveals, I let you know that the episode list from my fic will be removed in order for renaming several episodes. (Arcs still going on and officialy announced or completed will remain) As a result, the episode list will be updated periodically from now on, whenever we 're close to an arc's ending. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
    Good day from Greece! And also here's the preview for Bride - Chapter Three. Enjoy!

    - Greninja's mysterious destination is revealed?!
    - Ariana is revealed to be arrested?!
    - Big John starts a brawl in a bar with the guy who rejected Anne?!
    - Kostas calls his... ex-girlfriend?!

    Bride - Chapter Three collects pages 9-12 of the original comic, plus extra scenes and dialogue.

    Bride - Chapter Three to be released 6/9/2014, a day before E3 2014!
    Howdy! How are you? I'm really good. Anyway, here's the preview for Bride - Chapter Two. Enjoy!

    - Death is seen having a conversation with Ofis. Pictures of Greninja with an unidentified woman are shown on Death's laptop.
    - John proposes to Anne.
    - Ariana tries to make Anne a modern woman.
    - In a restaurant, Anne falls in love with an unknown man.

    Bride - Chapter Two will collect pages 5-8 of the original comic, with extra scenes and dialogue.

    Bride - Chapter Two to be released 6/6/2014.
    Hey, good day! How are you? Here's the preview for Bride - Chapter One. Enjoy!

    - Silvertown is shown.
    - Anne is shown crying. with Ariana trying to calm her down.
    - The Greninja is shown.
    - Kostas is shown introducing Honedge to his colleagues Jirachi, Darkrai, Snover, Weavile and Lucario as well as Big John.

    Bride - Chapter One will collect pages 1-4 of the original comic and will contain extra scenes and dialogue not present in the original comic.

    Bride - Chapter One to be released 6/4/2014.
    Thanks. Ok, I'm going to sleep, have to get early up tomorrow. See you around and have a good night. (it's almost 2.00am where I live.)
    It's settled then. I want you to review the rest of the chapters of my fic. (Don't panic, they 're 6 and you 've reviewed 1, that leaves 5 to go) I will only accept reviews in VMs or PMs.

    It will be a while before I release the next chapter, so you have plenty of time to do them. And as a reviewer, you will also receive previews of the upcoming chapters (something to speculate). Is that OK?
    Thank you! I appreciate that! Care to be my 2nd personal reviewer? (Already have one, but the more the better) What do you say?
    Hi there! How are you?

    I checked your fic just now out of curiosity. For a first time writer, you are pretty good, although with several errors, but that's natural, happens all the time. Keep up the good work and take that writing talent to new heights.

    If you have time, care do a review for my fic BlackWhite: Season XY? Particularly, I want the ''Theft'' Chapter Two reviewed. And please, write the review in a VM or a PM, it will make me feel comfortable that way. Thanks.
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