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  • Hey, I just wanted to appreciate you for your posts & nature! As someone who isnt into amourshipping & wanted Serena to be better coz I saw potential & liked her, I always felt at odds with Serena fans, doesnt help matters at times that SM is my fav. It really feels great to be able to interact with a Serena/amourshipping fan about her return which I enjoyed and have a healthy discussion, appreciate it <3
    Hey did you saw Pokemon masters ? And what you think of that new Red outfit ? He look like a update version of gen 1/2 look .
    My thoughts...hoo...where do I start?

    I felt it had a strong opening to thee series, and while there was a misstep with SM 6, it rebounded...and since SM 18 (barring SM 21) has begun collapsing structurally. They don't do enough with the school aspect, and the fact that Ash doesn't think of his next trial, even when Kiawe mentions Olivia feels wrong. That there is nothing big going on for episodes is a major issue the series is now having. I applaud the attempt at smaller things being filtered through the episodes, but there's nothing else so it comes off as empty.

    Likewise, there are simply too many characters, and not enough strong battles when by this point we'd have had about 5-6 (we only have 2...and they weren't that great). Kiawe and Lillie are the only characters to do anything typically, while Mallow remained useless in her own focus episode and is too loved by the fandom for no real reason. I prefer Lana and Sophocles over her any day, and one is under utilized while the other is Fat Clemont. To me, at this point, the Gladion episode is the make-or-break of the entire series and where it will move forward.
    I don't come here much if at all anymore due to my disagreements with how the forums are moderated and how I feel the community has changed for the worst, but thanks for adding me here as well.
    Thank you!

    It's been a great read. About the final part, if I recall the episode that aired post-Flare arc (the one with Cubone) had Alain saying something like being unable to actually beat Ash. It sure meets your point about Ash showing Alain what strenght truly is.

    Hello. I've seen you mentioning here about an analysis you've made about Ash's character on tumblr. Could you share the link, please?
    "I've always been saved by you. This time is no different. I cannot win against you." And there it is. Ash is the real victor despite the outcome of the formal match.
    Only problem is that many of older fans don't or didn't just watched Pokémon for Ash and his strenuous long journey. Many invested their time and emotions in his traveling companions like Misty, Brock, May, Dawn, Cilan etc who helped build whole adventure having their own started but never resolved dreams and storylines. Wanting to see other characters beside Ash get recognized and receive their justice before definitive end(for example some can be perhaps annoying regarding this sometime like Misty fans but given in what way she was written out never receiving closure having lot of things unanswered, who can blame them?). And given how barren and stripped from any continuity and connection to past last few pokemon sagas have been; wrapping Ash up, while leaving everything else ignored and forgotten about wouldn't satisfy majority. Far from it feeling like slap in the face to every other main character and fans. Writers and directors thanks to stale and uncreative formula of keeping Ash forever in "circulum vitiosus", replacing every character not named Ash or TR becoming irrelevant and faded afterthought of this anime preventing show from ever having connected story, let alone stable cast. Followed by rehashes of older plots slightly decorated and adapted to new generation of kids and today standards created such mess and irreparable situation. That im afraid nothing can fix this problem anymore with any sort of big finale leaving more disappointment and disgust among fans than rather happiness and sense of relief.

    Even more so when major elements of what defined pokemon anime and Ash character for so many years is from looks of it with S&M altered and changed that we may as well not consider this to be Pokemon anymore. At least not one we grew up with having completely different values and direction story was supposed to follow. Sad.
    I understand, although as long we respect each other viewpoints that's fine if we differ in how should Pokémon anime be improved. After all given how much Ash journey has deteriorated losing its main spark of what it used to be about not offering any satisfaction to long time viewers from following him for so many years. Becoming completely subdued to marketing not allowing story top breathe and flow freely it doesn't surprise me why significant chunk of anime fandom wants reboot. However thing is that in my eyes opportunity to end Ash and his companions adventures on high note has passed by now with damage already being done. And while perhaps starting from scratch would in some ways be better, as someone who was with show since 1998 i developed too much attachment and fond memories of several by now replaced ex main characters. That having everything finish without each and every one of them getting 10 minutes of glory to tie up loose ends in their own stories and be given chance to be used to full potential(Ash included)would leave quite a sore aftertaste in mouth not being fair. Seeing no point in doing complete overhaul when so many things in current universe and timeline writers started and messed up is waiting to be explained and properly concluded. Granted from looks of it that may never happen being stuck in perpetual status quo, but that's what happens when advertising is in first place, while development and storyline construction on last sadly.
    Hi, you have account on bulbagarden too if im not mistaken? Thanks for sending me friend request! It seems we have somewhat similar views based on your posts in what kind of quagmire this anime has fallen into.
    And of course he/she wrote back. I didn't bother reading it, he is on my ignore now because one thing is almost 99% sure on the internet: People are not willing to learn.
    In the newest episode thread. Incredible how many people always go with the "knowing something" card instead of knowing how to differentiate.
    He didn't say anything about the power actually enhancing Charizard. But to be honest - it doesn't matter. It was not like it had to be shown now, out of all situations. They could easily write multiple situations. Without anything being fishy it would always be an incredibly bad written league, totally inconsequential and with a Charizard that lost 5 of 10000000 HP.
    How they are now trying to say again "uh, there wasn't anything" just because the moment it could have been revealed perfectly it was not revealed perfectly. It is really interesting how the other side always tries to be right by bringing in something that is also just a claim. I, for what its worth, am perfectly fine with waiting more episodes. It was almost a pain to see Charizard being blown back by one move after being so invincible. Now if that is just because it is what it is, then I would think of it as very unfortunate.
    I rewatched the end of 038 and something struck me - Alan didn't seem to care much that he won (which I had noticed before), but Ash's face appearing on the Pokeball seemed significant, moreso than the outcome of the battle. It's like the battle gave him a taste of the wholesome, innocent world Ash belongs to, and Alan used to belong to before he got involved in Lysandre's underworld. I'm not too good with Japanese but I've read stuff on fan blogs that suggests his battle with Ash was the only genuinely enjoyable thing he's done in a long while. This fits well with the points you've been making about Ash being the better trainer - I still find the end of the battle unsatisfying but I'm starting to think that there is a story point to it.
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