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  • (Part 2)

    It's personal preference. I come as a mailman and an easy way to learn what results you have on the day rather than wait until you get home, so I assume that's why my friend asked me to do it. Shame you miss your Japanese meet-up, that sounded great. Those (reasonably) close class relationships is something I'd have loved, but never got.

    They still grade you with numbers? I know at my school this year they're changing English and Maths back to numbers, but that just seems stupid. If it's 1-9 and you're getting 8 that's pretty good, I'm assuming A-A* for that.

    Re-reading what I put, and I realise I sound like an *******. I wasn't doing it to be horrible or anything, his obvious preference for her and her friends over helping out the people who needed it just grated on my nerves. I was with the people who struggled to keep up with the ridiculous time-frame we had to do anything with our coursework (we got told we had 20 hours which is about 2 months worth of time. In reality it was about 6 months); they needed the help from him, which he never gave. And then didn't set himself enough time to teach us anything that was going to be in the ****ING EXAM. That class range sounds similar to us; I'm sure if you think you're OK that means you're great, so don't worry about it! Do they teach you what'll be in the exam?

    Aah right, fair enough. How does she get on your nerves?
    Yeah, it was. Back home now, only major Pokestop locations are the beach (ugh, not in the sun) and the cemetery about 5 minutes from my house... neither is appealing to be honest. I'd love a large Eevee population near me, although if there was I have a suspicion my friend would be sleeping outside my house trying to get them all... I like reading about all the companies getting involved with the game, it's nice! I've got one friend who plays Pokemon (who made me get Pokemon GO) so when he gets back we're off to catch Pokemon. He wants Eevee and I want Sandshrew. Wish Europe wasn't stuck with Mr. Mime...

    Is it? Damn, guess I missed the memo. My school apparently offers a wide-enough language variety, but the only options I really got were Spanish/French. Yet on exam timetables were Russian, Polish and Portuguese! I don't understand... sucks your French teacher was bad though, guess that's luck of the draw.

    It could, so I won't complain much. The college is definitely worth it; it's the only place nearby offering creative writing as well as English Lit and History. Yeah, going home in Sixth Form is nice although they expect you to be working then (no rest for the wicked). Sounds like a fun teacher you got there! Best teacher I had was my English teacher where we were just sarcastic towards one another the entire time.
    Part 2...

    Nobody's that strict with us; I have stupidly high expectations that I know will come crashing down on me the moment I get my results. My best subject is English, and I'm hoping for A's in my chosen subjects (Spanish, Sociology, History, ICT). Science can be a B, maybe an A if I'm lucky and Maths can go **** off (just need a pass, so... C). Realistically though... tough to say. I wish you luck with your own results - I'm sure no matter what you get it won't be disappointing. Whilst high standards are good, sometimes you just have to know your limits.

    Yeah, he is. We had one girl in our class who he loved; would always mark her work personally, always gave her advice on everything, was super kind to her, etc. She was smart too, so it definitely helped her out. Only karma I ever got was smashing her to pieces in every mock exam we did... fun times. Wasn't her fault, but you'd think with all the extra help she got she'd do better. Luckily he is no more now, ICT is a BTEC and I never have to look at the stupid subject again.

    Your teacher sounds like an *** to be honest. Just digging his grave in deeper... your poor tutor.
    Well that's not bad then! I'd love an Electabuzz. My uncle found this cool spot in the park near his house where people just congregate at night to catch stuff. I went last night and got enough Poliwag, Staryu and Drowzee to evolve them, along with another Eevee that I evolved into Flareon, Magikarp, Nidoran (Female) and plenty of Dratini. I need a portable phone charger too, hmph... I'll have to check out local shopping centres, closest one I have is Brighton I believe.

    We have Business Studies at my school... my friend took it. Said it was **** though, so I suppose that makes sense. There're weirder - people in schools nearby took Latin! Latin! They all knew the terms and stuff in Classical Civilisation on the taster day, I felt stupid.

    Pretty much. Depending on where you go though depends on how much time you spend travelling. For me, it's about an hour or so now :/. At school we did 5 lessons a day, all I know about college is you do 2 lessons a week per subject or something like that, so in theory it'd be one per day except one day where I'd have two lessons. Or maybe two lessons a day and get Mondays and Fridays off? I'd like that.

    My friend is away when we get our results, so she's getting me to pick them up for her. Feels weird opening one of the most important things ever for someone else, but I'm happy she wants me to. I'm sure you'll do fine with your Japanese, if it's as simple as you say. They usually do it on averages I think, and just take an overall grade from the combination of everything.
    Yeah, there does seem to be an influx of Electric types near the sea. Loads of Voltorb and Magnemite, but not many Pikachu or Electabuzz. Not sure how safe that is. I got a Charmander and a Pikachu from some of my 2k eggs today, was pretty hyped to be honest. Then my next 5k egg was a female Nidoran (I also caught one today!) so that was cool. Ironically the one Pokemon I really want is Sandshrew. Not to evolve, but because Sandshrew is adorable. As is Paras to be fair...

    Most sixth forms are attached to schools, otherwise they're probably independent colleges. Just choose your favourite subjects, they're all equally useful in the real world (just avoid **** like Philosophy, no matter how cool the subject is since that's useless, a university professor told me haha).

    Southern rail is a *****. I may have to take the bus to college now, which as you say is unreliable. I'd rather wake up at stupid hours for a longer train journey to be honest. We'll see what my timetable brings (pls be afternoon lessons).

    Maybe, we'll find out soon enough. GCSE results are soon (25th for me). Not too nervous - I know I've passed - but it's more about how well I passed. That's what's worrying me.

    What is it with technology teachers and perversion... to be fair I'm more annoyed at mine because he never marked my work and when he did he'd drag me out of other lessons because I was a sarcastic ******* with some of the things I wrote (so I'd have failed unless I changed it). I also had to lie about something, it got on my nerves.

    Good to know. Always good when the parents pay for stuff in the name of "revision".
    Haha, there're tons of Voltorb where I live (which is actually rather close to Brighton now you've mentioned it). May have to take a trip there and see what's about. I'll probably evolve if it I can get one over 400-500 CP, which probably won't happen for a while :/

    My school has a sixth form, but I wanted a fresh start and my sixth form doesn't do Creative Writing/Classical Civilisation (another subject I was considering). If I went there I'd have to English Language which I don't enjoy much and Government & Politics, which I wouldn't have minded as much. College seems fun, once you get used to the extra work, new buildings and odd hours. Plus I need to work out travel (ugh, trains and Southern Rail ****ing it up).

    We did OCR too I believe. I never got a textbook, I just used Google/my notes/own knowledge. History is the subject that has me the most worried; I got a few dates wrong so that may cost me :(

    Fair enough. Seems like a fun career, especially if you like skiing (which you apparently do!)

    Indeed. Best advice I can give you. I thought I wanted to go into journalism before my GCSE's and chose ICT and Sociology because of it. I hated ICT. Was good at it (especially compared to my classmates) but I hated the subject and the teacher was a pervert to the girls in the class (so that pissed me off). Didn't make the same mistake this time.

    I can imagine it is! Haha, may have to try that with Spanish, see if I can remember anything. The naming this is the only issue, hmm...
    Eh, I've been away all week. No worries, glad you replied now :)

    Well since our last message I'm now Level 14 and have an 836 CP Vaporeon. Going strong so far. Waiting out evolving some stuff until I hit some 400-500 CP stuff (seriously, I've still got 100-200 CP Pokemon and it's bollocks). I'm with you though, catching them all is more fun.

    Yeah. Luckily I don't think I have to deal with her any more (although she may be going to my college, who knows). Same applies to my friends; I'm on my own from now on due to subject choices. They're all Science and Maths fans and I'm here with my English and History.

    I don't really gain or lose productiveness when the WiFi goes, I just do other things. At least you can cope without it. Sucks about your History GCSE, if you did the courses I studied I'd have given you some notes but it looks like you're not (I did Britain 1939-1975, Germany 1918-1945 and Cold War 1939-1975). Pokemon Yellow in French sounds interesting, how's that going?

    Yeah, it's not a great feeling. Ski instructor sounds fun though, where did that come about?

    A-Level choices? Allow me to help - pick the subjects you enjoy. Unless you have a specific career you REALLY (and I mean REALLY) want to do, pick the subjects you enjoy most. I don't know what I want to do (maybe teach at college/university level, best I've got) so I chose my 3 favourite subjects (you may get more choice, but UK universities only look for 3 A-Levels). For the record, those are English Literature, History and Creative Writing. What subjects are you doing that you've never had a day where you didn't want to do it (or only had a few days of feeling that way)?
    Yeah, I've now got Pokemon in the high 100's and 200's in terms of CP which is cool. Only Level 9 though (need more Poke Balls!). Got so many Pidgey candies and am close to having enough Voltorb candies. Need more Magnemite candies though, and Spearow candies.

    Same here, guess the young favour change more and equality. Funny how that works.

    It's not, which annoys my friend. I personally don't care; she doesn't go out of her way to say she's Christian, we only learnt about this in our third year. Sure, she *****es about some people and a lot of people who should like you don't, but then welcome to being a teenager. I don't know, I'm alright if someone doesn't like her (or me, for that matter) but being hypocritical about it just irks me. Think that's a Libra thing though (according to Twitter).

    Ugh, no WiFi? I had to check whether I'd get any on my holiday, and I do thankfully. Sad that I need WiFi to function, but at the same time I'd do fine without it (I have DVDs, and a DS to play, and so many books that I need to read). Your neighbours seem really odd, guess they're not used to people living near them. Was the guy cute at least?

    Gap years... hmph. Maybe it's because I know what I want to do that makes me think gap years are stupid, but I can't judge that. People do what people do. It does seem solid, and maybe you'll be able to do it. Who knows?
    Nice, I'd love to find Pokemon with decent CPs compared to the crap I get around my area. Haunter was fun, after two attempts to capture a Gastly I think it was deserved.

    My friends (and as such, myself) all became politically involved around that time too. We didn't have a mock election, and a lot of my year don't care, but we found it interesting. A fair bit of my school are Labour I believe, at least they give that impression.

    Christian girl in our year acts like she's better than everyone else, *****es about people behind their backs. Got so bad that one of her friends, one of the nicest people I know (and the girl I asked out) called her toxic and left her friend group. One of my friends thinks she hates him, and he hates her for that alone. He *****es about her, to my friend group about her *****ing about everyone else. I call hypocrisy, and think they're both stupid for acting that way.

    A house in rural France? Damn. Heard it's nice there, peaceful (except the birds haha).

    Hmm, it is a rather large jump. I don't know, it's something I've considered. Your idea seems solid though!
    I saw loads of people in my town and along the beach today. Caught a Haunter, Poliwhirl, Drowzee, Pidgey, Ratatta, Caterpie, Paras, Weedle, Metapod, Nidoran-Male, Magnemite and Voltorb. Pretty solid so far, my strongest is a 294 CP Beedrill. I'm tempted to evolve my Pidgeotto, but I swear I'll catch a stronger one later. I did catch a Pidgeot yesterday, but with only 27 CP. I've had Pidgey's with 93 CP alone. My Pidgeotto has 174 CP I think.

    Indeed, left for our generation to pick up and fix. I don't know if we'll succeed, can only be positive towards it. I've become more political this last year because of my friends, which I've enjoyed in a way. Better than them bashing the Christian girl in our English/Science class (there's a story to that mind you).

    Yeah, poor Lib Dems :( need better policies.

    I suppose it is. I've not known anything else, so I can't compare it I'm afraid. I couldn't stand living in a more central area; would feel too crowded for me. If it was a bit more spacious and open, I'd probably consider it.

    UK has good universities, don't get me wrong. I just like the idea of living abroad and travelling, seeing the world! I like the idea of being cultured so to speak. Japan is cool though, never thought to learn it as a subject or go and live there. It's the forefront of development worldwide though, which is interesting. What would you teach?
    Yeah, I get that. I have no data on my phone so I can't go out and catch stuff in the street, only at home. Luckily there was an Eevee at my dads which was cool and enough Pidgey/Rattata to evolve my Ratatta and Pidgey into Raticate and Pidgeotto. Charmander, Spearow, Zubat and Kakuna (caught as a Kakuna, not a Weedle :/) round out the rest of my captures. Visiting a friends house tomorrow though, hoping for something cool.

    Yeah, there seems to be a rise in Nationalist governments which isn't great... Trump shouldn't get in though, hopefully. His own party hates him. Theresa May is alright, just... not a leader.

    Yeah, I'm like that. I'm dead centre I suppose, could go either way.

    I'm south-eastern, on the coast pretty much. Little town in West Sussex is where I live. Although after college I'm probably heading to Canada for university, since they're alright over there :)
    Nice. I downloaded it 10 minutes ago and have had some fun, going out tomorrow with a mate so we'll be on a catching spree! Just need WiFi. What starter did you pick? I chose Charmander. Did you catch anything cool?

    Yeah, not too sure about that. My friends are huge Labour fans; me not so much, but don't mind them. To be honest politics has been strange recently, to the point where it seems like everyone is a liar and a fraud. Guess there is no trust in politicians anymore.

    Yeah, agreed. Leadsom is alright, just not as experienced.
    An edit to my previous comment - my friend showed me Pokemon GO today, and now I'm hyped for it. Apparently you can download it here in the UK, just not from Pokemon itself.
    Yeah, don't think I could name them either. We regained our sovereignty? Can now control our borders/ourselves without the need of Brussels? I don't know.

    That is true. It's awful really, these migrants rarely choose to come here; they're forced out because of war and danger. When they arrive here rather than receiving a welcome they're abused and hated for the actions of those that forced them out of their own country. Doesn't apply to all migrants, but there you go.

    We don't do we. Kind of bored with the Conservatives, as we know it'll either be Theresa May or Andrea Leadsom. Gove shouldn't have been a dick and backstabbed Boris, but there you go. I like Corbyn; he represents the old Labour, the pre-Blairite Labour. I'm a fan of socialism, although I don't know if it will work in our current society. I kind-of hope he stays, although I don't think he'd make a convincing PM.

    I don't really care about Pokemon GO, doesn't look like my thing. But it's a shame we're behind the rest of the world.
    Not every Leave voter is racist/xenophobic... but every racist/xenophobe that voted went Leave. I think when it came down to the economy (Remain) and immigration (Leave) you can see which one the people found more important. Do I agree? Yes and no. It's important, but I think that we should've stayed and dealt with the issue rather than ignoring. Which, sadly, would've happened if we voted Remain.

    Leave was essentially the desire for change of any kind, because our current democratic system doesn't work.


    I'd have voted Remain if I could, but I can't. Now I can only look for positives.
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