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  • I noticed your update a few days ago, haven't gotten around to reading it yet, I will soon and leave my thoughts.
    Wow... Geeze, that's before my memories start. Goodness. Well, anyways, that actually sounds interesting. The premise, at least.

    I'll make it worthwhile. You won't know which chapter it'll be, but I'll get it done.
    Well, that's unfortunate to hear. I do agree that being a writer in this day and age has changed drastically, enough so that it'd be difficult to make a proper living of it. Anyways, I understand why you'd have to give up being an author.
    Hopefully times will change for the better, though.

    I figured I'd pop my head in and tell you that I haven't yet left. I just have been busy with school and writing to do a review that I'd be proud to leave on your story's thread. I'm happy to hear that the story will get the ending it deserves, no matter what actually happens, and I do wish you luck in whatever you decide to do next after putting down the pen (or keyboard, rather).
    I just wanted to say that I have been keeping up with The Human Species and that I am loving everything that you're doing with it. I'm excited and saddened for Year 12, as it's the last one in such an awesome series. I do hope that you won't be retiring from Pokemon fan fiction completely after finishing it....
    Congratulations on your close wins! IMO, Lucario deserved to be best non-human main character.

    Umm......and I didn't vote for Mew........welp.
    True indeed although there's too much of a myspacey vibe for my liking. Still now I can harass people. Plus I'm gonna have a look at some of the stories that were nominated for fanfic of the year or whatever and see what else I can indulge in. That story Requiem is pretty good
    Sup breh breh, I'm a lurker from the /vp/ thread. I didn't know you were here too. I finally made a profile on this site to bump the survival project thread. Anyway Human Species is good gjge m80.
    I saw the trailer for The Human Species, it seems like we share the taste for good trailer music.
    Path of the Borealis is just an excellant trailer song, to me it sounds like a great journey is about to begin or something like that.
    8'D I'm taking up the challenge of Evolution's Gate for the Review exchange. As I only have two stories with a combined total of five chapters, I'd appreciate if you reviewed them both in return; they can both be found in my signature. Also, I have a small oneshot, that if you could review first, the link is here. x'D
    I just finished the last chapter of Forever Legendary. It's so long that it'll be the first review I'll have to use a text processor with.
    Your story "The Human Species" has been an epic read so far. That said, I'm perplexed at the low amount of reviews in your stories. Before I continue reviewing it, I'll have to read and review "Forever Legendary" to enjoy the rest of the story. I appreaciate how patient you are with my reviews, as It's hard to keep up with your chapter post rate. Till next time!
    Hey, I know I had nothing to do with it... but I just feel like I should say that I'm sorry that guy stole your story. I don't want you to get the wrong impression of us here from it.
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