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  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARK AURA! I know I don't know you, but I was trying to find an active user who shares the same bday as me =]
    Hey everyone, I know it's slow going in The Ultimates, but it'll start moving along soon if we can get through the exposition part of it.
    Well, there's a bunch of people who have reserved a spot, so I'll probably wait a few days for them, but it should start soon: i'll start working on a startup post soon.
    Just wanted to let you know, (in Pokemon: the Ultimates) you can still have your character have some of his pokemon stolen (like 1 or 2).
    Ngaah.. How come I skipped that one?
    ^^; sorry, but most of the sites people give me images from either don't open up or freeze my computer [i have a very tight Security system -_-]
    Dark one,
    Please rate my team. I have no steam on my thread and I really do want some feedback.
    Blue Raja
    Hi, I saw you on the birthday list and remembered seeing you around. Happy Birthday (if you don't mind me posting here).
    xD Never fear, I saved the day
    Man you have seven friends and I'm still the only one on your wall.
    This is crap
    You're wall's lonely =(
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