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Recent content by shadow espeon96

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    Would You Rather....

    Animal Planet would you rather be you're rival or be seennaked while in jail on tv
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    pokemon big brother

    ...Muk, how can he not understand what Banette is saying!!
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    Create Your Own.... ANYTHING

    ok,eeveelution: Name:centaureon pokedex type:centaur pokemon pokedex entry:With fists of Fire, and legs or steel, it's only weak spot is it's brush tail. type:Fighting(duh) looks like ;133; but with 2 extra arms with ;107; fists Ability:Iron Fist Height:4'1 weight:84lbs new...
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    The Adopt-A-Newbie Agency Thread

    I would like to adopt someone... Would like to be called:SE Age:almost 11 Likes:videogames,comic books, pokemon dislikes:girly people,3-year-olds intrests:look at likes Sppf forums you usually visit:games(that's why my ranks low),clubs, shippings For the Adopters;how long i've been here...
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    Caption the avatar above you!

    munch-munchlax? Munch munchlax!!!!
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    Last Letter Game

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    Caption the avatar above you!

    OMG you killed Dawn! Now i get her soul!!!
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    Last Letter Game

    nidoran (F)
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    Caption the avatar above you!

    you killed my remoraid? YOU KILLED MY REMORAID!!!!!!!!!(Explodes)
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    never-ending cheat

    kill the prime ministers of england, then a rotom starts picking your nose...
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    Anybody for Contestshipping?

    If either of them died saving the other, how would you feel? I'd be in tears because of the romance, and no more seeing the character(may or Drew) If one tried to save the other but both end up dying, what would you do? Well, one of them won't at least be grieving for the other.But i'd...
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    Rate the User Title of the Previous User

    10/10 i just can't tell why
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    Post a lie about the above poster!!!

    is serebii's evil twin brother
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    Type The Last Thing You Said Out Loud

    "I'm hungry..."
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    Last Letter Game