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    Sorry, I didn't include a link in that quote, I should have. It's in the Author's Cafe, in a thread called the 2012 Fanfiction Awards Planning thread. The link above will take you to the second page where about half way down, the arguements start appearing.

    Alright, great. I've got some stuff to do at the moment, but I'll have my responce up there soon.
    Indeed, he is. Though several others have added in valid points for both sides, so I suggest skimming over their informative posts.

    Also, I see that you posted your story here as well as PMU. I'll try to get a review up of your chapter soon, though I'll make a suggestion now: I found that there was a couple places where there could have been a scene break as it suddenly shifted from Team Luminous exploring, to Sir Salamance talking in Treasure Town. That was just one of the the places that need it.

    Other then that, there was nothing else I found wrong with the story.

    Oh, and just to clearify, I'm still going to be sending you my beta chapters via PMU as the PM forms on Serebii just can't fit the length of my chapters into one message.
    I'm really not feeling in favor of a genre award strictly for Mystery Dungeon fics. I'd like to hear some more arguments in favor of it, because I'm just not seeing the need yet.
    This was posted in the Fanfiction Awards Planning thread in responce to the suggestion of having an award strictly for Mystery Dungeon fics. He wants to hear an arguement. So let's give him one.
    Hey, nice to see you here. Hopefully you'll like it as much as I do. I think you'll find that the Fan Fiction forums are little more lively then over on PMU.
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