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  • I regret nothing.
    God damn it, Shadow. Why would you do this? Why would you do this to poor Elmo? What did he ever do to you, huh?
    "Here at Aperture, we see just how many idiots are out there in the world. And maybe those pencil-pushing, experiment-stealing mooks over at Black Mesa are content with that, but not at Aperture. We've eliminated any chance of one of you volunteers breaking something by making damn well sure that you receive clear and precise instructions and then drive them home with a few dozen repetitions. Hell, we're developing a little chip that goes right in the back of your head that'll do the direction yelling for us. Some may say it's annoying, unsavory, or 'unethical' to broadcast directions directly into peoples' heads, but I say 'To hell with that!' and yell at them in their heads! If you want to bumble about, get outta my office and go to Black Mesa! Cave Johnson, over and out."
    I've finished another chapter, Shadow! Would you be willing to look over it? (This'd be chapter 10, if you are able to.) As always, no worries if you're busy or something and can't do it.
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