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  • The robots can do art now?! The singularity must be upon us! In reality this is on of the coolest things I've ever seen!
    Well then, thanks for that comforting thought right before I go to sleep. DX

    I'll try my best to get it done soon, man.

    And, neat! A new character? Sweet! Can't wait to see what you finally settle on! (Noah's technically open for that sort o stuff). XD
    That's what I do. xD It's always good to have a backup just in case.

    Likewise. It wouldn't end well... Though, Florida isn't a huge target... Right?

    Not yet, man. If you want, you can review what I have written of Chapter 15, but it's not quite done yet.
    Well, congrats on the internet connection.

    Welp indeed. Well, it's still up to a vote for Congress, so it might not happen. I do feel that something needs to be done about the current regime's use of chemical weapons, but, it needs to be a U.N thing, not a U.S thing.
    Anything but a happy Leo is good for me. :D

    Well, I don't have much computer experience either, so I couldn't help one way or the other. But you're probably doing the best thing you can do for it now, so good luck, man. Good luck.
    I overheard from that VM. Well, I'm really sorry to hear that, man. I do hope it gets repaired soon. We can't be without you for too long. That'd just be saddening.
    Ouch, man. I can definitely relate to all three, yes even the pickaxe on foot.

    I did that last summer. Definitely not fun, but it's gotta be done sometimes.
    Well, I'll take a look through everything if possible. I'll see how much I get through tomorrow.

    And, from what I've seen, he hasn't been in much of a writing mood recently, so I don't know how much luck you'll have.
    I see. Well, that's got to be a bit crowded. Hope that goes well for you, and I can definitely relate to having to watch children's shows all the time as I have three younger siblings of my own. (And yes, the pirates show does make Hook even less of a villain. I feel for him.)

    I saw that you updated some of your Chapter 3 and decided that sometime this week I'd review the heck out of a part of it.
    So, Shadow. Aside from yesterday, we haven't really talked in a while. How've you been lately, friend?
    Yeah, she's on there. Anyways, yes, it'd be a good way to get the word out. I'm sure she'll understand, especially once she sees it. (Perhaps you should message her on here and tell her that it's vital that she reposts it...)
    Wow, tell her thanks for me. Hmm... Are you friends with Jax on there? A lot of people follow her blog and I think she'd like to see that post.
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