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Shadow Lucario

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  • Ah cool.
    I have a lot of ideas though so I think I'll do the four books, two one-shots and two books.
    Is the one-shot you already posted a part of it, or is that like a Prologue? Because that was great.
    So should my next book be Wildfire and then Ashes? Skipping Ignite? I could do a one-shot for both, then... Maybe I'll do that.
    Maybe. I think I'll do Ignite. I'm also not sure how many of the four should be one-shots. Ashes is definitely going to be, but I don't know if Wildfire or Ignite should be a one-Shot. What do you think?
    I'm fine. Thinking of what my next book's name should be. I already have Wildfire for the third one, and then Ashes for the 4th and last. But I can't think of something in between Embers and Wildfire. Possibly Ignite. I can't think, though.
    Howdy! Just letting you know I'm still working on Central. I've started working a job recently and most of my free-time has gone into working on other projects. I've finally got some extra time and I'm going to use it to ensure Chapter 5 is out by the end of the week.
    Inferno Chronicles: Embers has been completed! With Twenty-Two chapters, the last chapter was posted yesterday. Eternity Flame. RnR when possible! :)
    Finally I've gotten Chapter 21: With Friends Like These, of The Inferno Chronicles up. RnR when you can; I didn't check for grammar but I am proud of the content.
    what i was trying to argue in the thread is the uniqueness of each individual DF, because IMO they're pretty creative. but everyone having a DF ability is pretty generic now.
    Now I see what you're saying. Yeah I agree with you there, friend. Devil Fruits were supposed to be extremely rare and worth a lot of money but now it seems like everyone in One Piece and their mom has some sort of ability. Fair enough, I think I just misunderstood you.
    Eh, I kinda failed when editing and didn't see that there was another group of three, so you're with DiamondPearl876 this week. Sorry about that.

    Anyways, hopefully I can as well.
    Hey, glad you got the new email. We haven't heard from you in a while, so I'll be sure to put you back on the present authors list now that you indeed are still alive.

    You'll be working with both Kukansis and Wyrm this week. Wyrm hasn't been on in the last few days, but Kukansis should be reachable on my friends list or on the WoJ.
    Movie 16: Number of murders occured: 0
    Movie 16: Number of Bombs: 2


    Do you prefer Black Impact or the Vermouth Arc Showdown 2 hr special?
    Yeah, it was a bit fan-service-y though but I liked it nonetheless.

    My favorite will be Crossroad of The Ancient Capital :3
    Movie 11 and Movie 14 are the most answered 'least favorite movie' on DCW's Forum. I'm not sure if it's an accurate interpretation, but I personally don't like it because dafuq? Conan bullet dodging video?

    *imagine youtube video*

    Edogawa Conan: How to dodge Bullets on a Skateboard.
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