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  • I give some info.
    you should try to get a Abra or Ralts when first can, Abra help ime n Fire red and pearl. But that just me.
    Thinking of replaying Firered/leafgreen to get a better Gyarados but I don't know why I want one. I try to get a shiny Gyarados but I not good at shiny hunting (i only have a shiny Abra and Spinarak which I got from breeding.) and got tired after half an hour, I like the red Gyarados in Gold, Silver and Crystal.
    It just the age think like Contestshipping, Drew and May look close to the same age (maybe a year apart) I just find it easy to support something that both people age are close to the same.
    I like it a little but I can only see then as friend unlike shipping like cheekyshipping and contest shipping I can see them as a couple due to them being close to the same year (I Ash is 13-14 in DP while Dawn is 10.)
    I know, sorry. It just shock me that all. I like some shipping that people don't know about or even not like (e.g. Ash x Dawn like the idea of them being friend but Dawn to young for Ash.) But I do respect your decisions for what shipping you like.
    Do my eye fool me or do you support cheekyshipping?
    I thought you said you don't ship Max because he to young.
    I do agree with the never met shipping part.
    I only multi battle team. it something I like and I am good at. (I have a 35 in multi and 25 in single.)
    the in game partner I team up with use sp attacker and I have to many sp attacker and only garchomp as my main attack.
    here some info on My empoleon.
    Item: eniga berry (sorry for bad spelling)
    Move: Bide, Swagger(love use this move) Hypo pump and Hypo cannon.
    I got the berry of PBR.
    I just not using it in my team because even with it defense being so high it still get taken out in one - two hit.
    Ow yeah I forgot about
    I finally got a gyarados, after watching DP47 I want a Gyarados for some unknown reason. Now I got one good reason to get rid of that Empoleon.
    I deserve nothing less XD

    That's true, I just have some confidence issues though. Being 5 foot 2 and being skinny can do that to a person :D In any event I have to enter the real world soon.

    Noted :) The thread's been resurrected BTW

    And it's coming on 2 O'clock here, so I really need to head off. Great talking with you again :)
    Put something about me teasing you in there or something. Sonic's reaction will be something special XD

    I'm not sure what to feel honestly. Jobs take effort though, and since I'll be 18 in three days I won't have time hopefully :D
    I'll change it if you want, you get to choose who Sonic get's paired with though :) Or I'll ask an Orangeshipping truth. Orange <3

    Didn't even start, spent entire week enrolling for Uni. Still have one month to find some if I can bother :p
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