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  • Yami, I created a new way of righting read "To Live, To Fight, To Kill and To Die"
    If you wanna see it and give me more crit. I don't care about the insults just tell me. I'm up for crit and I'm done with excuses. That list was a list of what you could improve on not to be a hypocrit.
    Well if you write them in a way that doesn't offend me or my DOG!!! I'll read them. You aren't a hypocrit. If you can just not bother me and rate my post without hurt people I won't report it.

    You know maybe if you actually read my nasty reviews and actually attempted to do more to follow the rules which you throw in my face- yet obviously can't follow as if I remember right you WROTE IN THE REPLY BOX, then you aren't one to talk.

    And people call me a hypocrite. Now instead of whining and posting a big *** cp of whine in my visitor notes, why don't you actually Go and Improve Your writing instead of pestering me.
    Yami's harsh...but don't go writing mass amounts of things in five seconds. XD

    Get one good idea that you can work with, and stick with it. XD
    Thanks. Its been getting so horrible I had to close one of my threads because of her nasty comments. I read the ruleas and fixed everyone of my errors except for a few... It's gonna take a while to fix those others. I'll be glad if you see what you can do.
    3). Boy is born in Hoenn. His first pokemon. He crush all who oppose him after he meets a legend. His friend gets captured. When he is captured they use his mind and flush his memory. They put some memory components in the Pokedex and viola a talking pokedex. If they sell it they get misssiles and a huge Rocket to escape. He tries and tries but is futile. He sneaks on the Rocket. locks the missiles on the Rockets and uses the escape pod outta there. Giovanni and five Rockets escape. They try to destroy Burns pod upon reentry. He wins and the last chapter has Giovanni in a hospital whispering revenge.
    2). Boy born in Hoeen. Gets Treecko. Fights in Magma/Aqua Resistance called Atmosphere. Boy gets badges. Boy defeats Hoenn leauge. Boy go to Kanto defeats them, Johto defeated. Sinnoh he defeated. He's sent to investigate a new region called Kloppha. He's captured by Magma. After years they let him out. He finds girl captured by Aqua. They move to Orre.

    I edited this because I had another brain surge.
    1). Takes place in Orre. Boy and pokemon defeat the oncoming threat. Snag Pokemon with refurbished Snag Suit. Catch Shadow pokemon turn them into Sun pokemon. takes the boy to Kanto then to Hoenn and he skips Johto because they are on the move. He high tails it to Sinnoh. He beat half of them, He takes copy of blueprints and destroys original. He follows them to Kanto and they take the ferry around in a circle to a train and make it to Goldenrod. They aren't always running they fight and gunfire is released various times but he has help numerous times to.
    I have completed Chapters 1&2 of The Deciever or Crash and Burn the Saga. I'm adding a chapter about Crash and Stars being ambushed and finding their friends. I'm putting it off till tommorrow because my cartoons are and I'm gettting tired of my screwie computer, can't wait to use my laptop at my moms. Work gets limited because of my parents divorce and my mom needs my computer to complete the scholl yearbook. My dads computer has viruses and is so slow and won't let me log in. I hope you understand.
    Ok srry. I fix et. I wasn't stalking. I happened to notice something about pokemon silver when scrolling down to get to the people that last visited so I could get to my profile. I found it, commented, and wasn't bragging, I was stating my addiction to pokemon. I've been addicted to pokemon since I was five.
    OK, don't randomly stalk my conversations, then comment on my page when the comment's meant for someone else!!!

    And don't brag! People hate that.....
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